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Help for Rhode Island Cities and Towns in
Preparing for Emergency Animal Care

Why include pets in local emergency plans?

  • It's the law (the "Pets Act").*
  • It can reduce local costs.
  • It's the right thing to do for animals that depend on people.
  • It's the right thing to do for people who depend on pets.
  • It's right for first responders, who end up dealing with them, anyway.
  • Preparation requires less than you might think
    . . . . and here's help:

Models to Use or Adapt

Public information to minimize suffering, sheltering, and rescue:

Guides and plans for local emergency animal care:

*U.S. Public Law #109-308: The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 (PETS Act) amends the Stafford Act by requiring FEMA to ensure state and local emergency preparedness operational plans (including evacuation plans) take into account the needs of individuals with household pets and service animals prior to, during, and following a major disaster or emergency. The PETS Act also authorizes the FEMA Administrator to provide funding to state and local governments for animal emergency preparedness purposes, including the procurement, construction, leasing, or renovating of emergency shelter facilities and materials that would accommodate people with their pets and service animals that would be used following an evacuation.

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