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Fishing in Narragansett Bay

Fishing is important to Rhode Island. Every year, the commercial catch fetches more than $70 million with economic rewards that multiply ten times over. Also every year, about 300,000 sport anglers seek finfish and shellfish in the state's salt waters. It is a popular, rewarding pastime as well as a business.

Over the past few centuries, though, prized species have faced severe challenges. For example, the once-abundant populations of cod, lobster, and winter flounder have dropped significantly. On the other hand, striped bass, summer flounder, and scup seem to be thriving. The changing composition and size of populations are cause for fishermen to be concerned.

There are many challenges to fish stocks. They include increases in water temperature, declines in water quality, loss of breeding and nursery grounds, and destructive harvests. In cooperation with commercial and recreational fishermen, state and federal authorities are working to lessen these challenges. As the trustee of the state fishery, RI DEM must regulate it and the people who use it.

Working together anglers and authorities can help assure the sustainability of fishing in Rhode Island waters.

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