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Economic Monitoring Collaborative

Purpose & Activities

In accordance with RIGL §46-31-9, the Environmental Monitoring Collaborative is responsible for "developing and implementing a strategy for an economic monitoring program. The strategy for the economic monitoring program shall include baselines, protocols, guidelines, and quantifiable indicators for assessing the economic health and performance of the water cluster. Economic indicators shall include, but not be limited to, the following aspects where or when appropriate and/or available:

The Economic Monitoring Collaborative is currently chaired by the RI Economic Policy Council's Executive Director Kip Bergstrom.

Meetings and Minutes

Please see the Meetings and Minutes section.

Information Archive

Economic Monitoring Collaborative Initial Report to Coordination Team, January 2005 (PDF)
FY 2007 Proposal for Economic Monitoring, October 2005 (PDF)
FY 2008 Economic Monitoring Report
FY 2007 Economic Monitoring Report
FY 2008 Coordination Team Monitoring Request Summary
"RI Ports: Opportunities for Growth" (2011) Executive Summary
"RI Ports: Opportunities for Growth" Slide Show (2011)