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Who's Who regarding Brownfields

Public Partners Project Sponsors Private Partners
Department of Environmental Management
Economic Development Corporation
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission
Planning Statewide Planning Program
Coastal Coastal Resources Management Council

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

Planning Departments
Economic Development Agencies


Responsible Parties

 Voluntary Parties

Bonafide Prospective Purchasers




(How to hire. . .)
Environmental Consultants


Non-Profit Organizations:
Grow Smart Rhode Island

National Non-Profit organizations

Brownfields 2008

Brownfields restorations are performed as partnerships.   The agreement to clean up a property may involve several key players or project sponsors who have specific roles to perform.   A number of government agencies are involved in the redevelopment of these sites offering financial assistance to qualified sites/players, technical assistance and regulatory oversight to protect public health and environmental or historic resources.   Professional consultants are often involved to assist in the project redevelopment.  This page serves as an index to more specific information about  organizations involved in Brownfields cleanups.

last updated: 3/7/08

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