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Government Partners 

This page summarizes the role of public organizations which are active in the Brownfields restoration generally.  See also the page on the "Performing Parties" which describes the role of individuals and corporations involved in specific site clean up.
Role(s) Organization (Name, Program Description and Contact)
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Government - State

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Department of Environmental Management (DEM)

The mission of the DEM Program is to ensure proper investigation and clean up of brownfields properties and to actively support their reuse and redevelopment.

In order to meet this mission the Brownfields Program will:
  • Oversee projects to ensure they comply with applicable regulations and standards, and serve as the single point of contact when multiple regulatory requirements apply;
  • Work with residents, municipalities and community groups to identify, investigate, clean up and promote the use of Brownfields sites;
  • Provide assistance and work closely with interested parties to investigate and clean up sites in an efficient and cost-effective manner;and
  • Actively promote the tools available and the successes of the program.

DEM's Office of Waste Management  is the primary regulatory agency overseeing the investigation and cleanup of Brownfields sites. The regulations allow for different cleanup standards depending on the future use of the site as long as the public health is protected.  They also allow for Performing Parties who follow the regulations to protect themselves from liability associated with the prior known contamination.  

On the funding side, the Office has been granted EPA funding for site assessments which may be available to municipal and non-profit redevelopment authorities (see Financial Assistance). 

The Department's Office of Customer and Technical Assistance stands ready to provide technical assistance to Brownfield project sponsors. 

Blue diamond-shaped bullet RIDEM Brownfields Program Office of Waste Management  222-2797
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Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

EDC is a quasi-public corporation charged with encouraging economic investment in the State.  EDC oversees a number of general programs aimed at assisting businesses including tax incentives for investing in  Mill Buildings.  A new revolving loan program  overseen by EDC now specifically provides dedicated low interest loan funding for brownfields cleanup.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet William J. Parsons 278-9100 x130
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Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission (HPHC)

HPHC runs programs to protect our State's historic properties.  They manage federal and state programs which offer tax credits for expenditures to rehabilitate historic buildings.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Virginia Hesse Principal Historical Architect 222-2678
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Statewide Planning Program (SPP)

SPP develops and coordinates the various elements of the State Guide Plan, including the Industrial Land Use Plan which outlines strategies for the redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized industrial facilities.  State agency actions and local comprehensive plans must conform to the State Guide Plan.  The staff also publish reports on significant state planning issues such as "Mill Building Reuse:   A Survey of Current Mill Conditions and the Market for Mill Space".

On the financial side, the SPP review applications for state funding for conformance with the State Guide Plan.  The staff are also responsible for developing the annual  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy  which includes a list of economic development projects solicited from cities and towns, government agencies, academies, foundations and non-profit development corporations and selected for their ability to implement State economic development objectives, including brownfields redevelopment.  The federal Economic Development Adminstration   considers this list an eligibility requirement for funding these projects.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Bruce Vild Supervising Planner 222-6485
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Department of Health (Health)

The Department of Health, Office of Environmental Risk Assessment,  advises on and explains the potential health issues associated with environmental contamination. HEALTH's Citizen's Guide to Brownfields is available online in English or Spanish, or by calling the office to request copies.  

The Department of Health also regulates asbestos and lead paint removal from buildings.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Robert R. Vanderslice.PhD., Chief Office of Environmental Risk Assessment  222-3424


Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC)

CRMC oversees activities in the coastal zone to protect our natural resources.  Any building activity within 200 feet of a coastal features requires the assent of the CRMC.   

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Jeff Willis Supervising Environmental Planner   783-3370

Building Code Commission

The Building Code Commission maintains the State Building Code through the adoption of national model codes and standards for building construction.    New legislation has passed that will allow for the adoption of a rehabilitation code which will allow for  more flexibility, and consequent reduce cost, when restoring buildings.  

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Joseph Cirillo Building Code Commissioner  222-3529
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Government - Federal

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA is involved in Brownfields at a number of levels at both the National and Regional level.  EPA is the lead agency to set standards for assessment and clean ups.  The agency is also responsible for ensuring the clean up of Superfund sites  and maintaining a list of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites.

EPA Region One has  four competitive Brownfields grant programs to assist state, local and tribal governments, as well as eligible nonprofit organizations, seeking to restore brownfields.  The "Assessment Grants" program awards funding to inventory,characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfields sites. The "Revolving Loan Fund Grants" provide funding for a grant recipient to capitalize a revolving loan fund and to provide subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites.  The "Job Training Program" awards funds to train workers in the field of hazardous waste assessment and remediation.  The "Cleanup Grants" provides funding for a grant recipient to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Diane Kelley , Brownfields Coordinator  617-918-1424
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Government - Local

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Municipal Planning officials are charged with improving their communities by encouraging beneficial land uses.   As such Planning Departments review proposals and often prepare redevelopment plans.  On the financial side the Planning Department often is directly involved with Community Development Block Grant Program.   In larger municipalities the funding is allocated directly to municipalities to administer while smaller municipalities compete for funds administered by the State.

last updated: 11/19/14

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