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Brownfield Successes

Since 1995 when the enabling legislation was passed -

Commercial Reuse, Lincoln Commercial Reuse, 1 Powder Hill Rd., Lincoln
One of the advantages of a completed Brownfields project is that the liability protection travels with the property. This industrial/commercial property's environmental contamination problems, including an open waste drying area were cleaned up which allowed for the property to be reused. When the ownder, who had cleaned up the site, went to sell property the new buyers acquired the liability protection along with the property- once all of the documentation was found.

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Woonasquatucket Greenway Woonasquatucket Greenway, Providence
A riverside park is being created on the location of former textile mills in a densely populated area of Providence. This new use should help restore the neighborhood that once valued the mills as a source of jobs but more recently has had to contend with arson, vandalism, and hazardous waste issues on the properties. This project received substantial public funding and involvement.

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Thames St. Landing, Bristol

Thames Street Landing, Bristol Waterfront
Once and underutilized site, the Thames Street Landing Project is restoring harbor buildings in Bristol to be used as restaurants, office space, or hotel and public waterfront.

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Heritage Harbor Museum, Providence Heritage Harbor Museum, Providence
When Narragansett Electric upgraded a generating plant in the 1990s, this 250,000 square foot building with dramatic interiors on the Providence River became surplus. The Heritage Harbor Museum organization, a non-profit agency intent on creating a new local cultural museum has accepted ownership of the property, and the oversight of the clean up and renovation of the building.

Heritage Harbor Museum 

Button Hole Golf Course, Providence

Button Hole Golf Course, Providence
This short course and teaching center was built on a former gravel pit and is designed to make golf a more accessible sport.

Display World, Warren Display World, 426 Metacom Avenue, Warren
A manufacturer of retail displays wa able to be relocated to this century-old mill, once contaminated with lead and oil from the manufacture of batteries and various machining activities, after lead and oil contamination was resolved. Engineering solutions were used to prevent pollution of the facilities cooling pond.

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Train Station at Green Airport, Warwick

Train Station at Green Airport, Warwick
Nowhere else in the country does Amtrak run so close to a major airport. State and Federal funding are being used to capitalize on the site's advantages to build a new intermodal facility. The station funding will provide the funds to finish cleaning up the contamination left by an insolvent hazardous waste storage facility.

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