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Advantages of Brownfield Redevelopment

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Existing Infrastructure

When reusing an existing building, all of the building's infrastructure is already in place.   You don't have to pay to connect water, electricity or phone lines.  Moreover, these sites already have access to the transportation infrastructure, so no new roads, rail lines or bus routes need to be created to support your project.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Tax Incentives

Many sites in need of redevelopment are located inside Enterprise Zones.   Companies relocating in these zones are eligible for significant tax savings, potentially up to $15,000 per employee per year.   Furthermore, qualified remediation costs can be written off.  Finally, highly progressive legislation has just been passed in Rhode Island which gives developers a 30% tax credit for the rehabilitation of eligible historic buildings which, when coupled with similar federal tax credits, can mean  a total credit of up to 50% (See financial assistance for more details and programs.)

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Labor Concentration

Because these sites exist in the heart of urban areas, there is an accessible labor pool easily available.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Progressive Legislation

The Industrial Remediation and Reuse Act protects property owners from being sued should any contaminants be discovered on site after redevelopment.

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Smart Growth

A recent study estimates that every brownfield acre redeveloped would have required a minimum of 4.5 acres had the same project been located in a greenfield area.  Every building that is reused means one less new building is required to be built.  That means rural areas can be more effectively preserved, providing better air, water, open space, and quality of life for everyone. 

Blue diamond-shaped bullet Architectural Beauty

Many buildings in need of redevelopment were built in an age when astonishing craftsmanship and attention to detail was affordable.   The intricate masonry, hardwood floors, and expansive courtyards characteristic of these sites would be very expensive if not impossible to duplicate today in a new development.  

last updated: 04/03/03

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