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Renewable Energy Information

Rhode Island's Future:

Issues dealing with energy, energy supply, and demand for energy currently and within the immediate and distant future are becoming increasingly relevant. In a time in which the supply of non-renewable fuel (oil, gas, coal or nuclear energy) is inconstant, expensive, and un-assured, the energy independence offered by renewable energy (wind, solar, hydrodynamic) is of great value. Additionally reduction of our demand through smart energy efficiency measures (proper seasonal design, green building, efficient appliances and practices) helps Rhode Island stay energy-independent and saves us money.

Rhode Island is in a unique position to lead the rest of New England, and the Nation, in becoming a leader in renewable energy technologies, in its production, installation, maintenance. Supporting this blossoming industry will create an example of a new green economy that brings sustainable jobs while also bringing energy independence, economical savings and reducing environmental impact. Wind, solar, energy efficiency, and other projects are being built all over the nation; this is Rhode Island's chance to be ahead of the pack, as a leader, when it comes to energy.


The RI Department of Environmental Management's mission is to protect and manage the precious and valuable environment and resources Rhode Island has to offer. As energy use and environmental quality are intrinsically linked, DEM seeks to truly "walk the talk" when it comes to the smart use of energy.

DEM has begun to look at ways to reduce its use of energy through improvements in building design that are energy efficient. DEM is also looking at designing buildings that make use of solar and wind technologies that help minimize our use of non-renewable fuels.

In order to be a leader and serve as an example of successful environmental protection and smart energy usage, DEM currently has several clean energy projects underway. These include a wind energy partnership with the Town of Narragansett, and the installation of a LEED silver certified energy efficient green building at Salty Brine State Beach. DEM seeks to adapt its Narragansett facilities in order to save taxpayer money through these measures, as well as to promote the use and prove the viability of renewable energy technology in Rhode Island.

DEM's renewable vision:

We all need to act now to slow global warming and other changes to Rhode Island's climate. Scientists predict that the climate of Rhode Island will be more like that of Georgia by the year 2100 leading to unwelcome changes such as more heat-related death and illness, more powerful and frequent storms, more high ozone days, more water shortages, more warm weather species, etc.

DEM recognizes that as a state we can not solve the global warming problem by ourselves. DEM has been actively involved in regional organizations that seek to mitigate global warming pollution by reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the region. DEM is also supportive of the governor's goal to require renewable sources of energy to provide energy to the state.

There are things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. DEM has increased its efforts to reduce its energy consumption through smart efficiency measures. Through support of the renewable energy industry in Rhode Island and the new jobs it brings; DEM's vision is to reduce greenhouse emissions and to save tax payer money with reliable energy independence. Realization of this vision would see Rhode Island truly become a "green energy" state, with all of the benefits that entails.

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