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Camp Cronin - MET Tower

Wind speed potential for southern Narragansett:

image of Camp Cronin meteorological tower In order to properly plan turbine placement and height it is important to determine the intensity and duration of the wind in Narragansett. To do this specific local data must be taken, over a period of an entire year, in order to gauge the wind potential for a site. To do this a meteorological (met) tower must be set up.

In September 2009, DEM set up a met tower, owned by Roger Williams University, at the Camp Cronin site in southern Narragansett, near the Point Judith Light House. Construction of the engineered structure began September 14th with the deconstruction of the structure from its former site at URI. In the following days the site was prepared and at the beginning of the following week the structure was erected by Boreal Renewable Energy Development, a concern that specializes in installation and de-commisioning met towers.

The MET tower has begun capturing wind data for a year. Data is determined by measuring equipment called anemometers. All of the data is recorded and a summary report has been developed from the monthly data capture. The monthly reports posted will include information concerning average wind speed and direction of the three sets of anemometers and two sets of wind direction sensors. Due to technical difficulties, the December 2009 data is not available.

Information concerning the met tower is listed below. The files are in WMF format (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf):

Monthly Summaries The average monthly wind speeds have been plotted from the monthly reports and are depicted in this Acrobat (pdf) file. The wind speeds indicate the strength of the wind at the 30, 40 and 50 meter heights of the met tower.

DEM has been utilizing the meteorological tower that was provided by Roger Williams University to measure wind resources in Narragansett. The goal of the project was to capture one year's worth of data in this area. The December 2010 data has accomplished that goal.

Due to poor site conditions, the decommissioning of the tower was delayed until spring. On April 15th, DEM will be dismantling the tower and returning it to Roger Williams University for further deployment elsewhere in the state. DEM's project of collecting wind speed and direction data in Narragansett is now complete.

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