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Wind Turbine Siting in Narragansett

Information on Wind Turbines:

Using wind as a tool to get work done is not a new concept. It is a technology that has been used for thousands of years, in sailing ships, and in wind mills for milling crops and pumping water. With the onset of modern industrial technology, wind power became available once again, running electrical generators. As time passes this technology becomes more efficient and economical. The modern commercial sized wind turbine generator is tall and sleek. Towers of 60-80 meters house electrical generators at their peak, powered typically by three blades moving in the wind. From there electricity is sent to a transformer and then out to transmission lines and into the grid.

Proposed sites in Narragansett:

DEM and the Town of Narragansett are looking to install one or more turbines in Narragansett. They have identified 5 sites with the most potential. These sites were chosen based on the wind potential that was identified in the RIWINDS Report and the siting guidelines developed by DEM. Based on this analysis DEM is evaluating three sites. They are:

  • The Camp Cronin Fisherman's Access area;
  • The Port of Galilee, on the south west side of the Galilee Escape Road, and
  • The southern portion of Black Point.
    In addition, the town is evaluating two town sites which include:

  • The Scarborough Treatment Plant on Ocean Rd, adjacent to Scarborough Beach, and
  • The Regional Treatment Plant located on Westmoreland St., approximately mile east of Mariner Square.
Site Photos and Description

The turbines sizes will be determined through the Request for Proposal process. It is anticipated the turbine sizes would set on wind towers about 60-85 meters tall, having a generational capacity of 750KW to 1.5 MW.

In the coming months DEM will be erecting a meteorological ('MET') tower on its Camp Cronin site in order to get concrete local data on wind potential in the area.

MET Tower

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