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Wind in the Ocean State
DEMs wind projects

Rhode Island's goal for wind energy:

In January of 2006, the state of Rhode Island established the RIWINDS program to promote the development of wind energy in the state. The aggressive goal of meeting 15% of the state's 1000 MW/ year average electrical consumption with wind energy was set. This would require 450MW of generational capacity to meet the 150MW goal of the program. By the summer of 2007, the RIWINDS: Phase I final report was published, revealing data about on- and offshore wind potential in Rhode Island. About 98% of the potential to satisfy the 15% goal is located offshore, with the remaining 2% located onshore. Several on -shore sites were identified as being feasible to construct commercial scale wind turbines. Two of the locations identified were in Narragansett and the other in Little Compton. View the RIWINDS report in full.

DEM and Town of Narragansett wind partnership:

DEM operates a number of facilities in the Town of Narragansett, including: the Scarborough, Roger Wheeler, Salty Brine beaches; Fisherman's Memorial Campground, and the Port of Galilee. All facilities use significant amounts of energy, especially the last two. DEM is looking for partners to develop a number of state properties in Narragansett that would help to pay for DEM's electrical usage.

DEM developed a Terrestrial Wind Turbine Siting Report. This report sets out guidelines for the siting of wind turbines on DEM properties. The report outlines factors like distance to residential properties, roadways, avian concerns, noise, icing, and public safety. Based on these guidelines DEM is evaluating its properties on Camp Cronin, Black Point, and the Port of Galilee for installation of wind turbines.

In order to assess the viability of these sites DEM along with the Town of Narragansett has developed a Request for Proposals (RPF) entitled "Onshore Wind Turbine Partnership Proposal". The proposal's goal is to maximize revenue and meet the energy production needs for the state and town over the life of the facilities. The RFP is seeking proposals from developers that will maximize revenue from these five properties; three state properties mentioned above, and two town properties located at their Scarborough Treatment Plant on Ocean Road and their Department of Public Works site on Westmorland St.

Additionally, in its attempts to bring renewable energy to RI, DEM is seeking public opinion of the proposed turbines and the sites outlined in the Turbine Siting Report. To do this DEM is conducting opinion surveys in Narragansett during summer '09. Surveys will be mailed out to random home owners in various neighborhoods in the town. Additionally, surveys will be conducted at locations in Narragansett. Sites may include Scarborough, Salty Brine, and Roger Wheeler state beaches, Fisherman's Memorial Park, the Block Island Ferry landing, and Narragansett town beach. As part of the survey, DEM and the town have simulated what the turbines will look like at the five potential sites.

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Further project information:

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