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News Release
RI Department of Environmental Management
235 Promenade St., Providence, RI 02908
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For Release:

October 12, 2000


Sally Spadaro 222-4700 ext. 2426
Stephanie Powell 222-4700 ext. 4418


PROVIDENCE - With fall cleaning in full swing, Rhode Island residents who want to dispose of household hazardous wastes will have an opportunity to do so, as the Department of Environmental Management announces three household hazardous waste collections at its Eco-Depot.

The collections will be held on Saturdays, October 14 th, November 4th, and November 18th, by appointment only, at the Department's facility at Fields Point in Providence. These collections will complete the 2000 collection season. Prior to the desired collection day, residents should call DEM at 222-3434 to schedule a time to drop off their toxic materials.

The collections are limited to household hazardous wastes only. Commercial establishments that wish to dispose of hazardous waste must contract with a hazardous waste transporter to handle disposal. A list of such disposal firms can be obtained from the DEM website at, by clicking on waste management, permitted transporters, hazardous waste.

Typical household hazardous wastes accepted at the Eco-Depot include oil based paints and stains, thinners and other household solvents; pesticides and herbicides; household cleansers; swimming pool and hobby chemicals; and automotive fluids such as transmission fluid, antifreeze, dry gas, and friable asbestos. Friable asbestos is asbestos that when dry can be crumbled, pulverized or powdered by hand pressure. Asbestos pipe wrap from heating pipes is by far the most common friable asbestos material received at the Eco-Depot. Other asbestos products such as shingles and siding must be disposed of through a transporter or firm handling asbestos disposal.

Latex paint is not a hazardous waste and, provided that it is solidified before disposal, can be disposed of as solid waste in trash. To solidify latex paint, remove the paint can cover, add an absorbent such as cat litter and allow it to harden. Used motor oil can be dropped off at DEM's oil igloos located in most municipalities.

Residents are reminded to reduce the amount of household hazardous waste requiring disposal. To do this, residents should donate usable products to persons who can use them, purchase only the quantity of material that it needed to complete the job, and purchase the least toxic material that will do the job, or better, non-toxic alternatives. Businesses as well as homeowners can receive pollution prevention and source reduction technical assistance from DEM's Pollution Prevention Program from DEMís Office of Technical and Customer Assistance at 222-6800.

DEMís Eco-Depot has collected more than 207,000 gallons of household hazardous waste from 13,072 households since the facility opened in 1995.

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