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Fecal Matters team members Donald Shurtleff, Scott Goodinson, Brian Lavallee and Charles Labbé gather together following Tuesday’s regional wastewater treatment proficiency contest(Click for
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Doug Ouellette
David Greene
Paul Robertson
Matthew Puglia (DEM)

Other Wastewater Treatment Facility Information
News Release
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For Release: January 27, 2010
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Town Staff Nominated by DEM for Award

PROVIDENCE - The staff of the Town of Jamestown's Wastewater Treatment Facility were recognized today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with a regional excellence award for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the town-operated wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The Jamestown Wastewater Treatment Facility, located on Freebody Avenue, successfully purifies some 500,000 gallons of residential and commercial wastewater every day.

"This award is the latest example of a job well done by many working within the wastewater treatment profession in Rhode Island," said DEM Director W. Michael Sullivan, PhD. "EPA's recognition of Jamestown superintendent Doug Ouellette and his staff, David Greene and Paul Robertson, is a testament to the dedicated efforts of these individuals in operating and maintaining Jamestown's wastewater infrastructure. The award also underscores the important role that our wastewater collection and treatment systems play in our efforts to provide Rhode Islanders with clean water and environments."

DEM's Office of Water Resources nominated the Town employees for their overall excellence in managing the complex operations and maintenance of the treatment facility during a reconstruction phase of the two decade-old plant. In addition, the Town facility is one of only two plants in Rhode Island that recycle a portion of its treated effluent for a beneficial reuse. Jamestown's treated effluent assists in the irrigation of the Jamestown Golf Course.

EPA presented the award to Jamestown officials at the New England Water Environment Association annual winter conference held today in Boston.


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