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News Release
RI Department of Environmental Management
235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI 02908
(401) 222-2771 TDD/(401) 222-4462

For Release: May 22, 2012
Contact: Gail Mastrati 222-4700 ext. 2402


PROVIDENCE - The Department of Environmental Management has issued a Pesticide General Permit (PGP) for point source discharges into the waters of the state resulting from the application of pesticides.

Following the May 18, 2012 close of the public comment period on the draft PGP, DEM reviewed and developed written responses to all comments and finalized the general permit with minor changes that only affect pesticide applications to cranberry bogs. The final permit and response to comments can be found on DEM's website at

Although the final PGP was signed today, the permit will become effective in 30 days on June 22, 2012, as required by RI Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (RIPDES) regulations.

DEM recognizes that in order to effectively utilize pesticides, in many cases they will need to be applied prior to availability of coverage under the RIPDES PGP. Those needing to apply pesticides prior to June 22 are advised to obtain and comply with any approvals necessary from DEM's Division of Agriculture and to follow the terms and conditions of the final RIPDES PGP.

The PGP does not cover, nor is permit coverage required, for pesticide applications that do not result in a discharge to waters of the state such as for controlling pests on agricultural crops, forest floors, or range lands. It is DEM's expectation that the vast majority of pesticide applications in Rhode Island will not need to seek permit coverage.

For more information on the PGP, contact Joseph Haberek at 222-4700 ext. 7715.


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