Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Route 95 Fuel Spill Bulletin
Monday - July 24, 2000 4:00 p.m.

This is the last environmental update on the jet fuel spill that occurred following the rollover of a tanker truck at the interchange of I-95 and Rte 37 on Thursday, July 20. Traffic-related information is available at 222-1362, extension 4450.

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Incident Background: Approximately 10,000 gallons were spilled, flowing down an embankment into a storm drainage system. An unknown quantity of fuel flowed into the adjacent Pawtuxet River. Fuel caught on fire at the site and the fire spread through the drainage system to the river. The fire was brought under control by Cranston and Warwick fire departments who were quick to respond and implement an incident command system. A DEM Emergency Response Team also responded immediately and worked with the fire departments and other agencies, including the US Coast Guard, RI DOT, and RI EMA, to contain the spill and otherwise minimize its impacts.

Status of Cleanup: DEM has removed all the contaminated soil from the immediate impact area and replaced it with clean fill. As an erosion control measure, DEM crews have finished putting hay bales and silt fencing in the immediate impact area and in the area adjacent to the river on the north side of the Rte. 37 on-ramp.

Environmental Impacts: There is no evidence of oil in the Pawtuxet River. DEM, working in conjunction with the contractor hired by the responsible party, will continue to periodically monitor the river and its resources over the next week. The factors that helped to minimize environmental impacts of the spill included the type of fuel (which is light and evaporates at a high rate), the weather conditions, the fact that a substantial amount burned off, the fact that the rate of flow in the river is very low at this time, and that booms and absorbents were quickly deployed, and remain in place, to collect any de minimis amounts of fuel which may have reached the river. Booms are located in three locations on the Pawtuxet River: Wellington Ave., Jefferson Blvd., and Warwick Ave. These will remain in place to capture any potential runoff during upcoming rain events. In addition, there are no reports of impacts to fish or wildlife in the river.