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Emissions Inventory FAQs

Q: Are all sources required to submit annual emissions reports?

A: No, all Title V sources and selected others are required to submit annual emissions reports. The Office of Air Resources sends letters to any companies that are required to report annual emissions. However, the Office of Air Resources may require any source to report data on chemical and fuel usage so that an accurate estimate of air emissions can be made. All stationary sources should maintain records of chemical and fuel use should they be requested.

Q: Are the forms posted on the Office of Air Resources website required to be used, or can the required information be submitted using Microsoft Excel?

A: Microsoft Excel may be used in place of the forms (except for the General Information Sheet) as long as all the information that is required by the forms is provided.

Q: If the chemicals I use are not on the list do I need to report them?

If the chemical is not on the list and you use more than 100 pounds per year it should be reported.

Q: Are insignificant activities required to be included in the annual emissions report?

A: Yes, regardless of whether they are listed on Title V Listing of “Insignificant Activities,” they must be included in the emissions report.

Q: Are chemicals used for housekeeping or building maintenance required to be reported?

A: At a manufacturing facility only chemicals related to the manufacturing process should be reported. Bathroom cleaners and paints used for painting walls at the facility should not be included

Q: Is the welding form required for all sources that have welding onsite?

Yes welding should be included if it is performed at your facility.

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