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2004 Preconstruction Permits

Note: This listing contains the versions of the minor source permit at the time of issuance. Some of these permits may have subsequently been modified or revised and therefore the document in this listing may not be the current version of the permit. If you need the current version of the permit, contact the Office of Air Resources.

Victory Finishing Technologies, Inc.
Approval No. 1821
Issued 11/18/04
Installation of a 12.6 MMBTU/hr boiler fired with natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil.
Roger Williams Medical Center
Approval No. 1820
Issued 11/18/04
Installation of a 24.5 MMBTU/hr boiler fired with natural gas or No. 6 fuel oil.
Roger Williams Medical Center
Approval No. 1819
Issued 11/3/04, Last revised 12/10/04
Installation of a temporary boiler.
City of Cranston
Approval No. 1818
Issued 11/10/04
Replacement and/or modifications to the air pollution control systems for the two sewage sludge incinerators.
Adlife Printing LLC
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1815-1817
Issued 10/20/04
Installation of two heatset web offset lithographic presses and a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
Final Gift Pet Cremation Services, Inc.
Approval No. 1813-1814
Issued 10/12/04
Installation of two animal crematories.
Stanley Fastening Systems
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1811-1812
Issued 9/20/04
Installation of a zinc plating line and packed bed scrubber.
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation
Approval No. 1810
Issued 9/16/04
Construction of the Phase V landfill.
Kent County Memorial Hospital, Inc.
Approval No. 1809
Issued 8/3/04
Installation of an emergency generator.
City of Warwick
Approval No. 1808
Issued 7/20/04
Installation of an emergency generator.
P.J. Keating Company
Approval No. 1807
Issued 7/20/04
Approval to burn alternative fuels.
Brookwood Laminating
Approval No. 1806
Issued 7/6/04
Installation of a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
Bunge North America (East), Inc.
Approval No. 1805
Issued 6/21/04
Installation of a temporary boiler not to exceed 13.4 MMBTU/hr capacity.
Bradford Dyeing Association
Approval No. 1804
Issued 6/7/04
Installation of a 21.3 MMBTU/hr boiler fired with No. 6 fuel oil.
Pliant Corporation
Approval No. 1803
Issed 5/18/04
Installation of a 4.2 MMBTU/hr boiler fired with No. 4 fuel oil.
Naval Station Newport
Approval No. 1801-1802
Issued 5/6/04
Installation of two, temporary 18.1 MMBTU/hr boilers fired with natural gas.
Coim USA
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1800
Issued 5/3/03
Installation of a laminator.
Brown University
Approval No. 1799
Issued 4/12/04
Installation of an emergency diesel generator.
Fidelity Investments, Inc.
Approval No. 1797-1798
Issued 4/12/04
Installation of two emergency diesel generators.
P.J. Keating Company
Approval No. 1796
Issued 4/12/04
Installation of a baghouse to control emissions from the existing asphalt plant.
Honeywell Sensing & Control
Approval No. 1795
Issued 4/6/04
Installation of two production lines relocated from the Pawtucket facility.
Immunex Rhode Island Corp.
West Greenwich
Approval No. 1793-1794
Issued 3/19/04
Installation of two, temporary 2628 HP emergency diesel generators.
Bradford Dyeing Association, Inc.
Approval No. 1792
Issued 3/16/04
Installation of a Smoke Abater.
Providence College
Approval No. 1789-1791
Issued 3/8/04
Installation of three new 9.5 MMBTU/hr boilers.
Tiyoda-Serec Corp.
East Providence
Approval No. 1788
Issued 2/12/04
Installation of a vapor degreaser.
Teknor Apex Company
Approval No. 1787
Issued 2/12/04, Last Revised 4/30/04
Installation of a Buss Kneader and a Buss Single-Screw Extruder.
Arkwright, Inc.
Approval No. 1786
Issued 2/3/04
Installation of a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
Induplate, Inc.
North Providence
Approval No. 1785
Issued 1/23/04
Installation of a 10.4 MMBTU/hr boiler.
B & D Plastics
Approval No. 1784
Issued 1/13/04
Installation of an 8-color flexographic printing press.
US Watercraft, LLC
Approval No. 1783
Issued 1/13/04, Last revised 4/6/05
Fiberglass boat manufacturing facility.
Naval Station Newport
Approval No. 1779-1782
Issued 1/13/04, Last Revised 2/13/04
Installation of three 16.75 MMBTU/boilers, one 5.1 MMBTU/hr boiler and various small fuel burning devices.