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RI Public Transit Authority and RI DEM/Office of Air Resources

Ozone Alert Days 2003 Kick-off -
Name for Each Ozone Alert Day Announced

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority and the Department of Environmental Management kicked-off the 2003 Ozone Alert season announcing a program that names ozone days similarly to how the National Weather Service names hurricanes. The Kick-off ceremony took place at the state's primary ozone monitoring station in East Providence. Students from the fourth grade at the neighboring Myron J. Francis Elementary School unveiled an alphabetized list of 26 names which they had developed for the upcoming season. The students also displayed their illustrations (see below), each one depicting a named Ozone Alert Day.

The naming system is a great addition to the program because it helps elementary school students - like those from Francis Elementary - learn about the benefits of clean air. The program is an excellent educational tool that helps teach kids we can all breathe easier when people ride the bus instead of driving on hot days with high ozone. The 4th grade teachers: Ms. Kerri Burke, Mrs. Kathleen Caffrey, Mrs. Melanie Murray, Mrs. Patricia Thacker of Francis School all deserve special thanks for helping the kids in this unique project.

Asthmatic Alice thumbnail
Asthmatic Alice

by Nick Mirza
Breathless Bartholomew thumbnail
Breathless Bartholomew

by Samantha McLaughlin
Contaminated Candace thumbnail
Contaminated Candace

by Sydney Capron
Dusty Demetri thumbnail
Dusty Demetri

by Christina Ramsay
Exhausted Ellen thumbnail
Exhausted Ellen

by Jalyn Alves
Foggy Francesco thumbnail
Foggy Francesco

by Jodie Godfrey
Gasping Grace thumbnail
Gasping Grace

by Zachary Cotter
Hazy Harry thumbnail
Hazy Harry

by Robert Thibodeau
Irritated Isabel thumbnail
Irritated Isabel

by Taylor Lima
Jeopardized Jay thumbnail
Jeopardized Jay

by Bridget Harrop
Keel-Over Kalee thumbnail
Keel-Over Kalee

by Caitlin Fisher
Limp Lucas thumbnail
Limp Lucas

by Zachary Sergeant
Muggy Monica thumbnail
Muggy Monica

by Jennifer St. Sauveur
Noxious Nick thumbnail
Noxious Nick

by Jay Lopes
Odorless Olivia thumbnail
Odorless Olivia

by Gina Mastrostefano
Polluted Pedro thumbnail
Polluted Pedro

by Carlos Ferreira
Queasy Quinciana thumbnail
Queasy Quinciana

by Rebecca Curran
Radiated Raymond thumbnail
Radiated Raymond

by Royce Roballo
Smoggy Samantha thumbnail
Smoggy Samantha

by Samantha Rouillier
Toxic Tim thumbnail
Toxic Tim

by Timothy McLaughlin
Unhealthy Ursula thumbnail
Unhealthy Ursula

by Kelly Griffin
Vulnerable Vinny thumbnail
Vulnerable Vinny

by Sophia Carroll
Wheezing Wendy thumbnail
Wheezing Wendy

by Cassandra Sears
Xenon Xavier thumbnail
Xenon Xavier

by Stephanie Siravo
Yearning Yasmin thumbnail
Yearning Yasmin

by Felicia Sousa
Zonal Zack thumbnail
Zonal Zack

by Meredith Smith
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