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Ozone Information

Current Particulate Reading
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Current Ozone Reading
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Office of Air Resources

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Ozone AQI Rating   Fine Particles AQI Rating
Alton Jones & Vicinity 101 Unhealthy Alton Jones & Vicinity 42 Good
Providence & Vicinity 84 Moderate Providence & Vicinity 55 Moderate
Southern & Coastal 104 Unhealthy Southern & Coastal 46 Good

Thursday July 30, 2015
Ozone AQI Rating   Fine Particles AQI Rating
Alton Jones & Vicinity 80 Moderate Alton Jones & Vicinity 52 Moderate
Providence & Vicinity 72 Moderate Providence & Vicinity 60 Moderate
Southern & Coastal 90 Moderate Southern & Coastal 52 Moderate

Friday July 31, 2015
Ozone AQI Rating   Fine Particles AQI Rating
Alton Jones & Vicinity 45 Good Alton Jones & Vicinity 53 Good
Providence & Vicinity 44 Good Providence & Vicinity 55 Good
Southern & Coastal 46 Good Southern & Coastal 52 Good

Forecast Discussion
Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 3:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: An Alert Day has been issued for Wednesday. The heat and humidity continue with highs again around the 90s away from the shore. Conditions look favorable for ozone reaching UNHEALTHY for the southern half of the state during the afternoon and evening hours, while fine particles should be MODERATE around Providence all day. Similar pattern Thursday, as a cold front slowly approaches from the west with possible UNHEALHTY ozone with MODERATE fine particles statewide. Front passes overnight Thursday with a less humid, but continued sunny and warm Friday expected with much improved GOOD air quality expected.

Phone Numbers

DEM's daily air quality readings: 1-401-222-2808
ALA's air pollution or lung health information: 1-800-LUNG-USA
State clean air programs: 1-401-222-2808

This information was provided by the:
Department of Environmental Management
Office of Air Resources
235 Promenade Street, Room 230, Providence, RI 02908

DEM provides a daily Ozone forecast from April through September
and a daily Fine Particle forecast all year round.

For further information, contact
Darren Austin at 401-222-2808 x7430.

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