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Pollution Prevention Web Resources

DEM Exterior Lead Paint Removal Certification Program
DEM has taken an important step to address environmental concerns with the removal of exterior lead based paint by contractors in Rhode Island, by launching its Exterior Lead Paint Removal Certification Program. In this program, participating painting contractors self-certify to DEM to compliance with regulations that apply to exterior lead paint removal. This webpage provides information and materials for the certification program, the public list of certified contractors, and information about lead paint removal that is helpful to the general public.

Green Certification for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
The Rhode Island Hospitality Green Certification Program is a voluntary self-certification program to assist business in the Hospitality sector with attaining green performance standards, implementing best management practices, and complying with environmental regulatory requirements. This site provides resources to assist in explaining and implementing the program, including providing needed documents and information.

DEM Auto Salvage Yard Certification Program
DEM has just instituted a program similar to the above for auto salvage yards.

Earth 911
For a myriad of information about reuse, recycling for households and businesses, household hazardous waste, and beach water quality, visit Earth 911 at This website provides recycling and disposal options by zip code. The site is packed with information on topics such as air pollution prevention, fire prevention, electronics recycling, energy conservation, education, green shopping tips, and local events.

Earth 911 Business
Businesses can incorporate many integrated waste management techniques into their daily business practices in an effort to help the environment and improve their bottom line. Earth 911 Business will help in that regard, and includes information about source reduction, recycling, waste reduction, environmental purchasing, and regulations. The Rhode Island edition of this website has information that is tailored to the State of Rhode Island, and can be found at


The ResourceXchange is a free service provided by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation . The service is designed to help businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies find markets for non-hazardous materials that have been traditionally discarded, and save resources and money. Find it at


WasteWise is a free, voluntary program of the Environmental Protection Agency, through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment. WasteWise is a flexible program that allows partners to design their own waste reduction programs tailored to their needs. All organizations within the United States may join the program. Large and small businesses from any industry sector are welcome to participate. Institutions, such as hospitals and universities, non-profits, and other organizations, as well as state, local, and tribal governments, are also eligible to participate in WasteWise. For more information, see

Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Process
The Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Process (RIGHG) represents a unique attempt on the state level to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The RIGHG Process goal produced a Greenhouse Gas Action Plan for the State of Rhode Island, now to be followed by implementation. To learn more about Rhode Island's Greenhouse Gas Process, visit

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, a non-profit organization, is the largest membership organization in the United States devoted solely to pollution prevention (P2). The mission of the Roundtable is to provide a national forum for promoting the development, implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source. Learn more at

Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA), has its Northeast (NE) States Pollution Prevention Roundtable that was established in 1989 by NEWMOA to enhance the capabilities of state environmental officials in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Vermont to implement effective source reduction programs. The NE P2 Roundtable serves state and local environmental assistance programs by:

  • managing a regional roundtable of state and local environmental programs
  • establishing a resource library of information on pollution prevention (P2)
  • conducting P2 training sessions for state officials and industry representatives
  • researching source reduction strategies and techniques
  • coordinating joint policy & program development
Learn more at

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
Learn about management and recycling of rechargeable batteries such as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and small sealed lead acid batteries, as well as lithium ion batteries, from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). RBRC has rechargeable batteries recycling programs for households, businesses, and government entities. Find them at

EPA Used Oil Management Program
The Environmental Protection Agency's Used Oil Management Program provides helpful information such as basic information about used oil, rules and regulations that apply to businesses pertaining to used oil, publications relating to used oil, other resources, and information about its "You Dump It, You Drink It" used oil management campaign. The campaign is designed to educate all Americans on environmental responsibility. How used oil is managed may significantly impact the environment; for example, used oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of groundwater if dumped down a storm drain. The campaign is also aimed at reaching the Hispanic automotive repair and service industry and consumers.

You can learn more about used oil management, including the "You Dump It, You Drink It" used oil management campaign, by visiting

The program is also aimed at reaching the Hispanic automotive repair and service industry and consumers. You can learn more by visiting the program at to receive information about the campaign, view and print a variety of publications in English or Spanish, or receive information about rules, regulations, and notices.

EPA P2 Resources
The Pollution Prevention Act establishes the national policy that pollution should be prevented or reduced at the source whenever feasible. EPA has a number programs designed to educate manufacturers on industrial processes that prevent pollution by saving energy, encourage environmentally preferable purchasing, and provide technical assistance to state agencies and businesses. To learn more, visit

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