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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 2006-2007

Environmental Response Plan
July 2002
Pascoag Water District Fact Sheet

The Department of Environmental Management is currently responding to the contamination of the Pascoag water supply. That water supply system was found to be contaminated with methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), an additive to gasoline. The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Program, which is part of the DEM's Office of Waste Management, is leading the effort to identify the source of the contamination and control the problem. The purpose of the UST Program is to prevent and remediate releases of petroleum and hazardous materials to the environment from underground storage tanks. The Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program (LUST), which is a component of the UST Program, directs responsible parties to investigate known releases from their USTs and perform the corrective action necessary to eliminate the threat or actual impact to human health and the environment. When necessary, the LUST program may also directly conduct investigation and clean up activities.

The LUST section continues to work to identify and eliminate the source of the MTBE contamination of the Pascoag wellfield. The effort at this time focuses on two possible sources of gasoline, the Main Street Mobil Station and the Burrillville Department of Public Works garage. A release of gasoline had occurred at the Burrillville D.P.W. garage in 1996 which has since been controlled under a Department approved cleanup. During the investigation into the MTBE contamination in Pascoag, the DEM LUST Program discovered a release at the Main Street Mobil Station. The LUST Program continues to pursue the responsible parties to compel them to investigate the release in accordance with applicable regulations. The LUST Program has also required the cleanup of the gasoline release from the station, and will continue to monitor and, if necessary, take additional enforcement actions, to make sure this is properly done. In accordance with the groundwater classifications in this area, these releases to the environment in the area of the Pascoag wellfield must be fully remediated so that the groundwater is useable for drinking water again without treatment.

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