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Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit Renewal logo and link
Online HW Transporter
Permit Renewals

Medical Waste Generator Registration logo and link
Online Medical Waste Generator

Rules and Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management (2/10/14)

Medical Waste Regulations (10/10/10)

Application Forms

New Manifest Forms

Permitted Transporter Information

Laurie Grandchamp, Supervisor
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908-5767
(401) 222-2797 ext. 7143
fax 222-3812

Hazardous Waste Transporter List

Hazardous Waste Transporter Application
HW Transporter Reporting Standards
Online Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit Renewal
Sample Transporter Report Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
Medical Waste Transporter List

Medical Waste Transporter Application
Online Medical Waste Generator Registration
Septage Transporter List Septage Transporter Application
Business Concern Disclosure Statement for Septage Transporters
List of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Rhode Island
If you have any questions about any of these lists, please call Alyson Brunelli at 401-222-4700, ext. 7134.

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