Rhode Islandís.Underground Storage Tank.Program


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Rhode Islandís.Underground Storage Tank.Program


What is a UST?

Why regulate USTs?

Program History

Program History (contíd.)

Program History (contíd.)

Program Elements

Exempted Tanks (partial list)

UST Registration

UST Registration (contíd.)

Existing System Requirements

Leak Detection for Tanks (for existing systems)

Leak Detection for Piping (for existing systems)

Operation & Maintenance (existing systems)

Abandonment Prohibition

Early Upgrade Requirements

1998 Upgrade Deadline- Corrosion Protection for.Tanks and Piping

New Tank Standards

New Tank Standards (contíd.)

General Approval Process

Installation Paperwork

Installation Paperwork (contíd.)

Installation Paperwork (contíd.)

Post-Installation Paperwork

Tank Closure

Tank Closure (contíd.)

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection O&M

Cathodic Protection O&M (contíd.)

After Installing Cathodic Protection

After Installing Cathodic Protection (contíd.)

Interior Lining

After Interior Lining-

UST Professional Certification

UST Financial Responsibility

UST Financial Responsibility (contíd.)

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers (contíd.)

Final Thoughts

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