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UST Storage Tanks Prohibited From Receiving Fuel
("Red Tagged")

Tank ID Capacity/
Date Red Tagged
18726 The City of Providence 5 (a/k/a 20) Ernest Street
005 20,000 gal R 1/7/16
18726 The City of Providence 5 (a/k/a 20) Ernest Street
006 5,000 gal D 3/8/16
00544 Goff Gas 42 Dexter Street
(a/k/a 75 Goff Avenue)
5,000 gal D
10,000 gal P
10,000 gal R

P=Premium gasoline; R=Regular gasoline; D=Diesel fuel

*Underground storage tank (UST) systems that are found to be out of compliance with state regulations may be "Red Tagged"; therefore fuel deliveries to the non-compliant USTs will be prohibited. Tanks prohibited from fuel delivery will be clearly marked with a RED TAG.

For more information on RIDEM established standards for "Red Tagging", please see Rule 8.21 "Delivery Prohibition" in the Rules and Regulations for Underground Storage Tank Facilities Used For Petroleum Products and Hazardous Materials.

This page was last updated on April 1, 2015. Information on this page is provided as a service. It should be noted that listing on the web is not a requirement of the relevant regulations. The red tag affixed to the UST fill pipe by the Department provides the primary regulatory notice that deliveries to a particular UST are prohibited.
image of prohibited delivery red flag image of prohibited delivery red tag

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