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1993 Storm Water Design and Installation Standards Manual
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Background Document for Draft Manual

RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual

Stormwater Manual

Notice of Proposed Updates to Rhode Island Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual - Public Hearing scheduled for January 29, 2015 (NEW DATE). Public comments will be received from 12/22/14 through 1/30/15.

The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) adopted the RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual in December 2010 and filed new regulations that require the use of the new Manual for all OWR permitting programs. The revised Manual became effective on January 1, 2011 and will be applied to permit applications received on or after that date.

Guidance Documents:
RI Stormwater Manual Appendix A Checklist
(pdf format) (Word format)

The DEM point of contact for questions about the manual is Ernie Panciera who may be reached at 401-222-4700 Ext. 7603. Also, questions may be addressed by e-mail to water@dem.ri.gov. To schedule a meeting to discuss application of the manual on a specific project, please contact the Office of Customer and Technical Assistance at 222-6800.

DEM and CRMC, in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, have scheduled a series of public training sessions beginning on January 13 to help acquaint users with the new manual. Further information about the training sessions is available at www.ristormwatersolutions.org/SW_wevents.html.

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In some cases, the certain elements of a Minimum Standard would not be applicable to the single-family residential project or the requirement would be an undue burden compared to the scale and impact of the project. In an effort to reduce the burden of the new regulations on single-family homeowners and encourage land use practices that meet RIDEM's stormwater treatment goals.

Accordingly, both DEM and CRMC have developed Rhode Island Stormwater Management Guidance for Individual Single-Family Residential Lot Development. All applicants may also elect to fully comply with all minimum standards and performance criteria outlined in the RISDISM if they wish, or utilize the RISDISM for further guidance.

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