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Phase II Requirements are right around the corner and this site is designed to help you gain quick and easy access to the materials and information you'll need to help you reach your stormwater management goals.

pictures showing the end result of some of the common household pollutants (motor oil, pet waste, fertilizers, and soap and dirtStormwater Management starts in the Home

Nobody wants to see pollution floating in thier rivers and lakes or not be able to swim at the beach on a hot summer day. The main cause of closed beaches and dirty waterways is contaminated stormwater, fortunately there are things all of us can do to keep our waters clean.

What we do in our own home can have a large impact on stormwater pollution. From properly disposing of oil to something as simple as cleaning up your pets waste you can do your part to prevent stormwater pollution. Click on the files below to download fact sheets to show you how you can play an important role in keeping our waters healthy.

  • manuals and tools

    Education and Outreach materials
    picture of oil education poster picture of pet waste education poster picture of carwash education poster picture of lawn care education poster

      The Nature of Stormwater
      Kesab Patawalonga and Torrens Water Watch have created an interactive game to show the many sources of stormwater pollution and what you can do to prevent it

      Has three short PSA's that can be viewed with real player or windows media player
      view here

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