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Rhode Island Game Fish Award Program

Each year the RI Division of Fish and Wildlife recognizes anglers who have caught game fish of notable size. Awards are presented to anglers for each species of game fish caught that meet the minimum size requirements listed below. (Only one award will be presented to an angler for each species per year.) To receive an award, an angler must catch a qualifying fish by rod and reel, tie-up, or handline by legal means in Rhode Island waters. To apply for an award, an angler must bring his or her legally-caught fish to an official weigh-in station (most bait and tackle shops and sporting goods stores) where the fish will be weighed, measured, and identified. The weigh-in station operator will then fill out a game fish award application and send it to the Division of Fish and Wildlife where the application will be processed. Certificates of award will be mailed to recipients each January or February for fish caught during the previous year. To obtain an application form, click here For purposes of state records, the fish is measured according to Total Length (TL) [from the tip of snout to tip of tail.]


Minimum Size Requirements for Game Fish Award

Qualifying Freshwater Species Weight or Length
Smallmouth bass 4 lbs.
Largemouth bass 6 lbs.
Bluegill 9 inches
Pumpkinseed 8 inches
Black Crappie 12 inches
Yellow perch 12 inches
White perch 15 inches
Brown bullhead 13 inches
White catfish 4 lbs.
Chain pickerel 4 lbs.
Northern Pike 10 lbs.
Brook trout 2 lbs.
Brown trout 3 lbs.
Rainbow trout 3 lbs.
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon 3 lbs.
Qualifying Saltwater Species Weight or Length
Striped bass 50 lbs.
Sea bass 3 lbs.
Bluefish 18 lbs.
Bonito 10 lbs.
Cod 20 lbs.
Winter Flounder 2 lbs.
Summer Flounder 8 lbs.
King Mackerel 1 lbs.
Mackerel 3 lbs.
White Marlin 70 lbs.
Pollock 15 lbs.
Scup 2 ½ lbs.
Hickory Shad 5 lbs.
Blue Shark 80 lbs.
Mako Shark 150 lbs.
Swordfish 200 lbs.
Squetegue 8 lbs.
Tautog 10 lbs.
Bluefin Tuna 450 lbs.
Yellowfin Tuna 125 lbs.