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Customer Surveys

The Department of Environmental Management has been conducting customer surveys since 2002. Surveys have been conducted for three years to assess the level of service the Department is providing to entities that apply for environmental permits. In addition, the Office of Administrative Adjudication (Office) requested the Ombudsman to conduct a survey of people who utilize their Office.

Environmental Permitting Surveys

The Department issues approximately ten thousand environmental permits during the course of a year. On occasion, the Department receives unsolicited comments from our customers that the service we provide is either excellent or in need of improvement. There is no formal mechanism in place to determine customer satisfaction on our many permitting programs. DEM has therefore decided to conduct an Environmental Permitting Customer Survey to assess our current level of service.

The findings of the survey will be used to:
  • Set a baseline of performance for the existing permitting programs.
  • Revise, correct, or improve a process.
  • Identify customer needs and expectations.
  • Recognize the good work of DEM employees.
  • Determine the proper mechanism to initiate change of an identified permitting process problem including the initiation of a permit streamlining task force.
The targets of the survey are individuals and businesses that received permits in the last fiscal year; i.e., July 1 to June 30. The survey used was developed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. DEM has mailed out this survey for the last three years and is preparing to send out the 2005 survey. At this time DEM is investigating an electronic survey tool or a mechanism for distributing the survey at the time of permit issuance/denial.

Office of Administrative Adjudication Survey

The Ombudsman, at the request of the Office of Administrative Adjudication (Office), also conducted a survey to assess the delivery of services to parties who have had contested cases heard by the Office. The Office is the administrative court for all environmental matters originating from DEM. It is responsible for ensuring that the regulated community (i.e.; individuals, business owners, builders, environmental groups) has an opportunity to contest actions taken by the Department and to have these actions reviewed at the agency level.

The Office also adjudicates all appeals of enforcement actions taken by the many regulatory programs within the Department and hears enforcement appeals for alleged violations of statutes and/or regulations under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Management. The Office hears all appeals filed for denials of applications or permits issued by the various programs within the Department including, but not limited to, wetland permits, individual sewage disposal system permits, resource recovery facility permits, and landfill licenses.

2002 Environmental Permitting Customer Survey
2003 Environmental Permitting Customer Survey
2004 Environmental Permitting Customer Survey
2004 Office of Administrative Adjudication Customer Survey

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