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In December 2011, the DEM Ombudsman retired. The current duties that relate to customer service issues have been transferred to the Office of Customer and Technical Assistance. Questions of this nature should be made by calling (401) 222- 4700.

The Department of Environmental Management started the Ombudsman function in 1999. The position then was defined as assisting the Department to improve its effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

The Ombudsman, at that time, performed the following primary tasks:

The Ombudsman was charged with increasing both external and internal support. The Ombudsman initially was given the authority to undertake independent, and in certain cases confidential, fact-finding in response to external or internal complaints or questions about the Department's performance. The Ombudsman is responsible for ensuring that the fact-finding process is perceived and experienced as an independent, impartial, fair and credible process. All members of the Department's staff are responsible for cooperating with the Ombudsman towards this goal.

Customer surveys - Surveys were sent to people who were issued DEM Permits. The surveys were used to assess the performance of DEM's permitting programs.

Outreach activities - Since 1999, the charter for the Ombudsman has changed. The demand for independent fact-finding began to decrease as the Department's operations became more transparent. The Ombudsman's position has changed and is now actively involved in the following activities:
  • The development of a tracking tool for management of the DEM / Environmental Protection Agency Grant activities;
  • Coordination of the environmental grant processes;
  • Reporting on the progress of the DEM / Environmental Protection Agency Grant activities;
  • Ensuring data that is used in DEM decision-making processes is of known quality;
  • Monitoring electronic customer surveys and
  • Coordination of departmental activities in areas like pandemic and avian flu preparedness

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