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Comments on the Draft
Rhode Island Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

The draft Rhode Island Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (Plan) is the long-range policy and program guidance document of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) and the DEM. The purpose of the plan is to:
  • Identify the needs caused by specific wastes and recommend waste-specific management programs, on a waste-by-waste basis to address those needs;
  • Protect those natural resources affected by solid waste management activities, and;
  • In general to provide guidance for the environmentally sound management and disposal of solid waste in Rhode Island based in an integrated, statewide, comprehensive management plan.
The Plan provides a description of existing practices, programs and activities in all major areas of solid waste management together with findings for each management area. This Plan was developed through a stakeholder process. At this point in time, comments are being received on this draft plan and are listed below:

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