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Solid Waste Management Plan Working Group- Subcommittees

Chair Members Report Deadline
Harold Ward Dan Beardsley; Susanne Greschner; Angie Macera-Briggs; Mike McGonagle; Chris Ratcliffe; Shim Silverstein; John Trevor; John Rambone, Tom Getz March 27
Final Economics Sub-committee Report
Economics Committee Interim Report
March 26, 2003 Meeting Notes
March 19, 2003 Meeting Notes
Rail Hauling Costs Table
Additional Rail Hauling Costs
Municipal Cap Information
Municipal Cap Calculation by Municipality (Excel Spreadsheet)
Disposal/Disposal Capacity
Tim Regan Bill Anderson; Clayton Carlisle; Jeanne M. Tracey-McAreavey, Laurie Grandchamp April 2
April 2, 2003 Meeting Information
Source Reduction
Carole Bell Geoff DiCenso; Sarah Kite; Eugenia Marks; Steve Mutter; Jeanne Tracey-McAreavey; John Trevor, Terri Bisson May 3
Draft Report of the Source Reduction Subcommittee, 6/3/03
Municipal Recycling
Steve Mutter Geoff DiCenso; Susanne Greschner; Sarah Kite; Russ Marcoux; Mike McGonagle; Chris Ratcliffe; John Trevor, Janet Keller June 26
Report of the Municipal Recycling Subcommittee, 7/8/03
Commercial Recycling
Terry Gray Carole Bell Geoff DiCenso; Angie Macera-Briggs; Mike McGonagle Joe Newsome; Chris Ratcliffe; Shim Silverstein; John Trevor July 24
Draft Report of the Commercial Recycling Subcommittee, 8/6/03
Market Development
John Trevor Mark Adelman; Leo Hellested; Sally Johnson; Sarah Kite; Mike McGonagle; Shim Silverstein; Claude Cote; Patrick Fingliss; Eugene Park; (EDC?) August 28
DRAFT Market Development Subcommittee Report
Draft Report Presentation
1996 Market Development Plan Element
State Survey - Market Development
Draft Meeting Notes, 5/29/03
Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. Description
Pollution Prevention Bill
Proposed Federal Legislation -Recyclable Materials in Federal Highways

Sub-committee chairs are responsible for organizing the meetings and work programs for their sub-committees. Sub-committee chairs shall provide information concerning meetings times, dates, places and agendas and sub-committee work programs to Consultant in a timely manner to facilitate speedy and timely sharing of this information with Working Group members and with the public.

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