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Hazardous Waste Regulations Stakeholder Group

DEM is responsible for regulating hazardous waste, from cradle to grave and has been enforcing hazardous waste regulations for the last twenty years. Used oil has been a major waste related issue in the context of the hazardous waste regulations since their inception. However, since used oil is subject to significant recycling efforts and may not always test positive as a hazardous waste, DEM has invested time and effort to develop proposed used oil regulations that should reduce the regulatory burden in the management of used oil. We are at a point now where we have prepared a draft of revisions to our hazardous waste regulations to incorporate the proposed used oil regulations and are requesting input from others. This proposed Rule change is intended to provide businesses that generate, transport, store and recycle used (or waste) oil an alternative method for managing their used oil that is less restrictive than managing it as a conventional hazardous waste.

DEM will be starting a stakeholder group to discuss this issue. This group will meet three or four times for about one and half-hours per meeting. The goal of the group would be to complete its work to have a finished product for a December regulation hearing. Some of the changes proposed by the revisions allow companies to:
  • Forego registration requirements with DEM
  • Store up to twenty-four 55-gallon drums without a time limit (1,230 gal.)
  • Ship excess drums (>10) offsite within 180 days of accumulation
  • Eliminate hazardous waste management training requirements to employees
  • Eliminate the development of a hazardous waste contingency plan
  • Ship used oil without using a hazardous waste manifest
The first meeting of this group will be held on October 14, from 2:30 to 4:00 in Room 300 of 235 Promenade Street, Providence.

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