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Ombudsman Report to the Public

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For additional information contact:
Thomas D. Getz, Ombudsman
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908-5767
401-222-4700 ext. 2417
Fax 401-222-6802

Ombudsman Report to the Public

The primary responsibility of the Ombudsman is to help the Department improve its effectiveness, efficiency and accountability, and to increase both external and internal support. Towards this goal, the Ombudsman is charged with authority to undertake independent, and in certain cases confidential, fact-finding in response to external or internal complaints or questions about the Department's performance. The Ombudsman will facilitate resolution of complaints in coordination with Department staff and management, and will make recommendations to the Director on matters that cannot be resolved through such coordination. The Ombudsman is responsible for ensuring that the fact-finding process is perceived and experienced as an independent, impartial, fair and credible process.

This website will present the yearly updates to the public concerning the activities of the Ombudsman. In general, the report documents the activities of the Ombudsman that apply to internal DEM issues along with external activities that impact entities outside of the Department.

Annual Reports

2000 Ombudsman Annual Report
2001 Ombudsman Annual Report
2002 Ombudsman Annual Report
2003 Ombudsman Annual Report
2004 Ombudsman Annual Report

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