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Lincoln Lace & Braid (Providence)

Document Description Date
Results of Subsurface Site Investigation 12/96
Remedial Evaluation Report Addendum 2/03
Remedial Evaluation Report Addendum (Revised) 3/03
RAWP Comments 7/03
Order of Approval 10/03
Voluntary Procedure Letter 10/03
RAWP Comments 8/04
Response to Comment from the RIDEM on the RAWP (dated August 2004) 11/04
Response to RIDEM Comment received via email (dated March 2005) 4/05
TPL - Figure Drawing 1 1/07
TPL - Figure Drawing 2 1/07
TPL - Figure Drawing 3 1/07
Remedial Action Closure Report (Melissa Street) 6/07
Remedial Alternatives Analysis 5/09
Public Involvement Abutters List 6/09
Historical Site Characterization Plan 7/09
Revised Remedial Alternatives Analysis 7/09
Sluiceway Supplemental Sampling and Analysis Plan 7/09
Sampling and Analysis Plan and Site-Specific QAPP for Supplemental Sediment and Surface Water Sampling 8/09
Standard Operating Procedure for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 8/09
Standard Operating Procedure for VOCs 8/09
Standard Operating Procedure for Metals 8/09
Standard Operating Procedure for S-VOCs 8/09
Revised Remedial Alternative No. 3 11/09
Sluiceway Sampling Report 11/09
Lincoln Lace and Braid Response to Comments 2/10
Program Letter 2/10
Public Involvement Package 2/10
Lincoln Lace and Braid Remediation Project 3/10
Comments on LL&B Clean Up 4/10
Response to HPRA Comments & Public Meeting Comments 4/10
Lincoln Lace and Braid Public Comments 5/10
Dioxin Sampling Report 5/10
Bid Drawing #1 5/10
Bid Drawing #2 5/10
Bid Drawing #3 5/10
Bid Drawing #4 5/10
Bid Drawing #5 5/10
Bid Drawing #6 5/10
Bid Drawing #7 5/10
Response to Public Comments 6/10
Lincoln Lace and Braid Public Comments 6/10
RAWP Final - Signed 6/10
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 6/10
RIPDES Remediation General Permit Application 6/10
RE: Lincoln Lace and Braid Public Comments 6/10
Remedial Decision Letter 7/7/10
Remedy Modification 8/3/10
RAWP Comments 8/11/10
Revised Bid Drawings 8/25/10
Revised RAWP 8/10
Response to RIDEM RAWP Comments 8/31/10
US Army Corps of Engineers permit application 8/10
Remedial Approval Letter 10/7/10
Remedial Action Closure Report 9/12/12

This Document Index was established in June 2010. As such, older documents related to this site are only available in hard copy, and are not found on this page. If you wish to complete a review of all documents related to this site, please request a file review with RIDEM's Office of Customer and Technical Assistance. Instructions on how to file such a request can be found here.