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UST Operator Certification Requirements

Every facility must have CERTIFIED Class A and B operator assigned at all times. All Class A and Class B operators must pass an open-book exam developed by the International Code Council (ICC) to be considered CERTIFIED. All NEW Class A and B operators must be certified within 30 days of assuming responsibility for a UST facility.

What is a Class A Operator?

Class A operators are individuals who have primary statutory and regulatory responsibility for their facility. They maintain proper recordkeeping, ensure registration fees are paid, and ensure proper operation maintenance of the UST system and are generally the individual(s) who owns the facility. Class A operators are required to be able to be on-site and respond to any emergencies within 4 hours.

What is a Class B operator?

Class B operators are responsible for the daily on-site operation and maintenance of a facility. They have a practical understanding of UST components, understand best management practices for UST facilities, are trained in emergency response, and perform monthly inspections of the facility. The Class B operator is typically the manager or other qualified individual responsible for the day to day operation of the facility. Class B operators are expected to respond immediately to any emergencies.

Operator Certification Exam:

In order to become a certified operator, you are required to take an exam which tests your knowledge of UST systems, Operations, and Emergency Response. These exams are computer-based, however, you must go to an approved testing center in order to take them. When you register, you may choose a testing center location, day and time that is suitable for your schedule.

The operator exams in Rhode Island are developed and overseen by the International Code Council (ICC) and administered by the testing company Pearson Vue. You must take the exam in person at one of the many Pearson Vue testing centers across the Rhode Island and New England.
There are three certification exam options available:

  • Class A Operator
  • Class B Operator
  • Class A/B Operator

If you will act as both the Class A and B operator, you should take the Class A/B operator exam. Please remember that each facility is required to have a Class A AND a Class B operator. Some larger facilities may choose to have multiple Class B operators or Class A operators to better delegate responsibilities, however, in most cases we recommend that individuals get the dual Class A/B operator certification as this allows the most flexibility.

How to Register for an Exam:

You may register for these exams via ICC's website, OR by calling 1-800-275-8301. There is a fee for each exam which is paid directly to Pearson Vue during the registration process.

Please be aware that registration is a multi-step process. You must first create an account with ICC, then register for the exam. You cannot register for an exam if you do not have an account with ICC.

You will be asked to provide an exam code when you register to ensure that you are taking the correct version of the exam. Please use the exam registration codes listed below.

Exam Registration Codes
Exam Type Exam Registration Code
Class A Operator RA
Class B Operator RB
Class A/B Operator RD


What can I bring with me to the exam?

The exam is open-book and you are allowed to bring in copies of the Rhode Island UST Facility Operator Training Manual and Rules and Regulations for Underground Storage Facilities Used for Petroleum Products and Hazardous Materials as reference materials for the exam. In order to be brought into the exam, they must either be bound or inside of a 3-ring binder. Loose or scrap paper may not be brought into the testing center. You do not need to purchase any testing materials, manuals, blueprints, or other documents. If you are told otherwise, please let us know immediately by calling (401) 222-2797 x 7705.

What do I do when I pass the exam?

Upon passing the examination, you must then register as a certified operator with DEM for a specific facility. Please be aware that DEM is not notified of test results by Pearson Vue or ICC, and it is your responsibility to provide DEM with a copy of your certification and identify which facility you will be acting as an operator at. A copy (photocopies are okay) of your ICC certificate and the completed certified operator registration form should be sent to:
ATTN: Raymond Taylor
RI DEM- Office of Waste Management
235 Promenade Street
Providence RI, 02908

UST Operator Certification Facility Requirements

As of August 1, 2012, all federally regulated UST facilities are required to meet 1. through 4. below:

  • CERTIFIED Class A and Class B operator(s) are designated to the facility: Submit the Class A/B Operator Registration Form with copies of the UST Class A/Class B operator certifications. Rhode Island ICC certifications are valid for 5 years. Operators must retake the ICC exam to renew their operator certifications. The new certification results must be submitted to RI DEM along with the registration form (instructions for submittal are included at the top of this form.)
  • All Class C Operators are TRAINED by your Designated Class A or Class B Operators Class C operators are those who are present at the facility during all operating hours and are the first line of response in emergency situations. There is no certification exam for Class C operators, but they must be trained in emergency response procedures by a certified Class A or B operator. A list of Class C operators and their respective training dates must be maintained at the facility. You may use this training log as an example. Class C operators must be trained every two (2) years.
  • Monthly Inspection Records: The Class A or B operator must conduct on-site inspections at least once a month and complete the inspection form. These records must be kept at your facility for a period of three years.
  • Requests for Unmanned Facilities and Signage: You must receive written approval from RI DEM to operate a facility without a Class C operator present. You may complete this request form to request permission for the operation of an unmanned facility and submit to:
    Operator Training Coordinator
    RI DEM- Office of Waste Management
    235 Promenade Street
    Providence RI, 02908

    If your facility does not normally have employees on-site, you must have signs posted with both the name and telephone number of the owner or operator and local emergency responder information. Signs must be posted where a person fueling from or filling the USTs can read it.

Please be aware that new State and Federal UST regulations will go into effect on October 15, 2018 and as a result the Operator Certification requirements will change along with some of the knowledge based questions on the certification exam. Certificates issued before this date will still be valid until the expiration date printed on the certificate, however, all individuals taking the exam after this date will be tested on the new UST rules and regulations.

Operator Certification Reciprocity

Your Rhode Island ICC UST Operator certification is valid for five (5) years from the date of passing the exam(s). If you received your UST Operator certification in another New England State which participates in the ICC certification process, RI DEM will recognize that certificate via reciprocity for a period of 5 years from the original certification date. Operator training certification from any other New England State that offers Operator Training but is not ICC certified, or any other U.S. State or Territory with or without ICC certification will only be valid for one year from the date of original certification.


Any other questions pertaining to UST operator certification may be directed to Raymond Taylor 401-222-2797 ext. 7705 or