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Financial Assistance: Nonpoint Source Funding

DEM Office of Water Resources Nonpoint Source Program is happy to announce the selection of three projects to be funded from the 2019 Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants Request for Proposals. Projects are funded by a grant to RIDEM from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

Bristol Golf Course Water Quality Improvements Project
Grant: $87,000 | Match: $58,000 | Affected Waterbody: Silver Creek/Bristol Harbor and Jacobs Point Stream/Warren River
This project will restore the freshwater wetland on the site of the Bristol Golf Course, a municipally-owned 9-hole golf course, with the goal of improving the water quality of two tributaries that ultimately flow into Bristol Harbor and the Warren River, increasing flood storage capacity in the wetland and enhancing the freshwater wetland habitat. Specific parts of the project include removing small water impoundments within the golf course, removing fill adjacent to the streams, daylighting sections of the streams and restoring a buffer of native trees, shrubs and grasses between the golf course and the streams to improve the quality of the water entering the stream from the golf course property.

Town of Narragansett – Narrow River Stormwater BMP Installation: Indian Trail Neighborhood
Grant: $400,000 | Match: $839,384 | Affected Waterbody: Narrow River
This project is to infiltrate stormwater in the Indian Trail neighborhood in subsurface infiltration chambers under the streets, similar to a prior project funded by Section 319 in the Edgewood and Pettaquamscutt neighborhoods. Two tree filters will be installed to collect additional stormwater flow that cannot be collected in these subsurface chambers. This project will treat stormwater for both nitrogen and bacteria in the Narrow River watershed.

Town of Portsmouth – Septic System Replacement at Portsmouth Public Works Garage
Grant: $35,700 | Match: $23,800 | Affected Waterbody: East Passage
This project is to replace an undocumented and failing septic system at the Portsmouth Public Works Garage. The current system has needed pumping 3 times in the last 14 months. The current system will be replaced with an updated system.

Town of Bristol – Bristol Police Station Stormwater Improvement Project
Grant: $133,800 | Match: $89,200 (+ in-kind) | Affected Waterbody: Tanyard Brook/Bristol Harbor
This project is to complete planning and construct several stormwater treatment BMPs on the site of the town’s Police Station. The BMPs will include 2 bioretention areas, 2 tree filters and an extended detention basin that will direct outflow to the adjacent woods. By infiltrating stormwater, water quality will be improved, and stormwater flow downstream will be reduced at Tanyard Reservoir, where RIDEM is constructing BMPs as part of a project from a prior year funded by both BWRF flood sub-fund grant and Section 319 grant funds for habitat restoration.

Town of Westerly – Chapman Pond Boat Wash Station and Lake Management Plan
Grant: $68,500 | Match: $22,834 | Affected Waterbody: Chapman Pond
This project will install a solar-powered, waterless boat wash station at Chapman Pond to prevent the transfer of aquatic invasive species to and from Chapman Pond. In addition, the town will hire a consultant to write a lake management plan to address nonpoint sources of pollution in the Chapman Pond watershed and identify management techniques for the aquatic invasive species already present in Chapman Pond.


For information or questions, please contact:

Betsy Dake, Senior Environmental Scientist
401-222-4700 ext. 77230 or

Ernie Panciera, Supervising Environmental Scientist
401-222-4700 ext. 77603 or