Beach chairs
We also thank our many advisors – members of the public who give of their time to help us plan activities and establish priorities. We thank all those who have taken the time to give input, whether in phone calls, letters or in public meetings, and we are especially appreciative of those who have dedicated their time in organized advisory groups:

Business Roundtable:
Thomas Aubee
Richard Austin
Greg Benik
James Bennett
Kenneth Boehm
John M. Boehnert
Lenette Boisselle
Kelly Camp
Alan Cantara
Vin Confreda
Dan Connery
Charles H. DeBlois, Jr.
Guy DeSaulniers
James Dodge
Thomas D. Drury
Gary Ezovski
John Faile
Cynthia Fuller
Lee Gardner
Michael F. Geisser
Scott Gibbs
Mickey Gill
John Gorter
Bill Hayden
Bob Lake

Environment Council of Rhode Island
Environmental Education Advisory Group
Open Space 2000 Steering Committee
Performance Partnership Advisory Group
Permit Streamlining Prioritization and Implementation Advisory Committee

Agriculture Programs
  Agricultural Land Preservation Commission
  Agriculture Advisory Committee
  Eastern Equine Encephalitis Advisory Committee
  Mosquito Abatement Board
  New England Dairy Compact – R.I. Delegation
  Pesticide Relief Advisory Board
  Rabies Control Board R.I. Beekeepers Association
  R.I. Chapter Northeast Organic Farmers Association
  R.I. Farm Bureau
  R.I. Nursery and Landscape Association
  R.I. Organic Certification Committee

Air Resources Programs
  Motor Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance Advisory Committee
  Operating Permits Advisory Commission
  Risk Management Plans Stakeholders Work Group

Coastal Resource Programs
  Galilee Management Advisory Committee
  Galilee Lease Committee
  RI Lobsterman's Association
  Federation of Inshore Seafood Harvesters
  RI Charter Boat Association
  Newport Pier 9 Commercial FishermenÍs Committee

Forest Programs
  Forest Fire Advisory Committee
  R.I. Trails Advisory Committee
  Urban Tree Council
  R.I. Forest Conservators Organization

Marine Fisheries Management
  Striped Bass Advisory Panel
  Scup Advisory Panel
  Sea Bass Advisory Panel
  Summer Flounder Advisory Panel
  Tautog Advisory Panel
  Winter Flounder Advisory Panel
  Lobster Management Advisory Panel
  Shellfish Management Advisory Panel

Waste Management Programs Stakeholder Advisory Group
  Underground Storage Tank Program Technical Steering Committee
  Waste Facility Management Program Technical Steering Committee
  Site Remediation and Brownfields Program Technical Steering Committee

Water Programs
  CCMP Implementation Committees
  Habitat Restoration Team
  Pawcatuck Watershed Partnership
  PWP Water Use Stakeholder Group
  Septic System Maintenance Policy Forum
  Technical Review Committee/On Site Wastewater Technologies
  Urban Rivers Team
  Urban Strategy Advisory Group
  Watershed Approach Writing Group
  Well Drilling Board

Laura Lawrence
Peter Lombardi, Jr.
Harold S. Luchka
Domenic Mitchroney
J. David Mannion
Peter Marshall
Jason C. Martiesian
Terrence S. Martiesian
Jerry Meyer
Daniel Moon
David Nash
Karen A. O'Connor
Tim O'Connor
Stephen J. Olson
H. LeBaron Preston
Scott Rabideau
Chris Rein
Chris Reynolds
Bob Ricci
Timothy Rockwell
William M. Stamp, III
Jim Stewart
Marc Viera
Russell Wallis
Roger Warren

Environment Roundtable:
Paul Beaudette
Jeff Brownell
Molly Clark
George deTarnosky
Gregg Gerrit
Topher Hamblett
Jerry Hamil
Margaret Kane
Guy Lefebvre
Karina Lutz
Eugenia Marks
Allison McDeedy
Charles Obert
Barry Schiller
Kris Stuart
Aimee Tavares

DEM Stakeholder Advisory Groups

Earth Day Advisory Group
Kim Anderson
Diane Bartlett
Dennis DeJesus
Dennis Doyon
Rev. Mary Hitt
Jean Lawlor
Guy Lefebvre
Greg McDonald
Patricia Nickles
David Pinsonneault
Harriet Powell
Jack Schemp
John Trevor