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State of Rhode Island
2001 Legislative Session
Enacted Environmental Bills and Resolutions

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S-1003 aa
H-6502 aa
Marine Waterways and Boating Facilities Act of 2001 (Dredging) Establishes a comprehensive dredging policy/program for Narragansett Bay. Requires CRMC to prepare a comprehensive plan for dredged material management. Calls upon DEM and CRMC to jointly develop guidelines for dredging project applications.
H-6544 Sub A aa
Commercial Fishing License Moratorium and Reform Extends the existing moratorium on the issuance of new commercial fishing licenses through June 30, 2002. Begins the process of restructuring marine fisheries management in Rhode Island by redesigning certain licensing and fee provisions and setting goals/targets for more comprehensive reform initiatives and proposals.
S-0661 Sub A aa
H-6161 Sub A aa
Mercury Reduction and Education Adopts a comprehensive mercury reduction and education program. Places limitations on the sale, disposal and distribution of products containing mercury. Calls for the creation of a Task Force to examine the need for possible future legislative and regulatory initiatives relating to mercury reduction and education.
S-0153 Sub A
Ban on Mercury Fever Thermometers Prohibits the sale and distribution of mercury fever thermometers in Rhode Island on or after January 1, 2002 except by prescription. (This prohibition does not affect the sale of digital thermometers that may contain mercury-added button cell batteries.)
S-0531 Sub A
H-6112 Sub A
Health Warnings - Mercury in Fish Ensures that public health advisories for consumption of fish contaminated with mercury are made available to consumers. Requires DOH to establish a toll free telephone number service for interested persons to call for further information about mercury in fish. Calls upon DOH, in coordination with DEM, to prepare a consumers' guide to mercury, and requires DEM to distribute the guide to everyone who applies for a fishing license.
S-0118 Sub B
H-5992 Sub B aa
Mandatory Boater Education Establishes a mandatory boater education program, applicable initially only to motor boat operators age 16 or younger, and to all personal watercraft operators, regardless of their age. Each year, the minimum age requirement for motor boat operators increases by one (1) - i.e., increases to 17 in 2002, 18 in 2003, etc.
S-0100 Sub A
H-5993 Sub A
Alcohol Boating Safety Amends the Alcohol Boating Safety Act to make it consistent with drunk driving laws now in effect in Rhode Island. Specifically, the bill lowers the legal intoxication level for boaters from .1 to .08 and sets up a tiered penalty structure based upon an individual's blood alcohol level (BAL).
S-0119 Sub A aa
H-6166 Sub A aa
Prohibition on False Mayday Calls Prohibits false distress or mayday calls in Rhode Island.
Regulation of Personal Watercraft Authorizes the town of Coventry to regulate by ordinance the operation of personal watercraft (jet-skis) on Tiogue Lake.
Registration of Boats Permits a surviving spouse to inherit a vessel owned by a deceased spouse unless a decedent otherwise provides for the transfer of the vessel's title in his or her will.
S-0808 Sub A
Environmental Compliance Act Amends the Rhode Island Environmental Compliance Incentive Act to make the terms of the Act more useful to companies which have achieved or maintained a high level of environmental performance.
S-0858 Sub A
Marine Fisheries Council Amends the powers and duties of the Marine Fisheries Council by making the Council advisory to DEM.
S-0255 Sub A
Grants for Mosquito Abatement Permits established mosquito abatement districts to use mosquito abatement grant money for a wider array of mosquito management activities and gives the Mosquito Abatement Board authority to issue grants on a sliding matching scale - up to 80 percent state matching funds.
Deer Nuisance Permits Eliminates the $50 fee for a deer nuisance permit.
Removal of Shellfish by SCUBA Divers Prohibits the taking of shellfish from Green Hill Pond, Quonochontaug Pond, Charlestown Pond and Potters Pond by SCUBA divers.
H-6222 aa
Possession and Handling of Shellfish Authorizes DEM and DOH to jointly promulgate regulations for the on-board possession and handling of shellfish by licensed shellfish harvesters.
H-5420 aa
S-0239 Sub A
Destruction of Animals - Carbon Monoxide Requires DEM to promulgate rules and regulations governing the use of carbon monoxide for euthanizing animals.
H-6119 aa
Defines Guardians of Animals Defines an animal "guardian" as a person(s) having the same rights and responsibilities of an owner.
H-5113 Sub A aa
Pesticide Control in Schools Establishes the conditions under which pesticides are to be applied at schools and child care centers, and provides for notice of pesticide applications to parents/guardians and school staff.
S-0885 aa
Energy Conservation and Extension of Mill Tax through 2006 Authorizes the state Building Code Standards Committee to adopt an optional energy conservation code, and extends the mill tax for renewable energy and demand side management (DSM) projects through 2006.
H-6506 Sub A
Ballast Water Management Calls upon DEM, in coordination with other applicable agencies and organizations, to commence the process of developing a ballast water management program for Rhode Island.
H-5547 Sub A aa
Tax Credits for Historic Structures Allows owners of certified historic structures to apply for income-tax credits equal to 30 percent of the cost of major restoration projects.
S-0433 Sub A
Resource Recovery - Creation of Industrial Park Allows the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation to develop an industrial/business park in the town of Johnston. Deletes the requirement that DEM must approve a buffer zone plan for the Corporation. Requires the buffer zone around the industrial/business park be only one hundred feet (100').
S-0459 Sub A aa
H-6024 Sub A
Taxation on Farms Permits cities and towns to tax farm buildings based upon the cities' or towns' expense for servicing such buildings.
Loans for Dam Repairs Authorizes the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency to issue loans for dam repairs.
Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) Clarifies the process by which the Narragansett Bay Commission would "halt or prevent" pollutants from discharging into the Commission's facilities in the event of an emergency.
S-0814 Sub A
Water Resources Board Establishes that the member of the Water Resources Board appointed by the RI Agricultural Council should preferably be an owner/operator of an agricultural business, and further specifies how the Agricultural Council member shall be selected.
Open Space and Recreation Bond - East Greenwich Permits East Greenwich to issue up to $1,000,000 in bonds for open space and recreations projects.
Bond for Environmental Remediation at Rose Hill Landfill - Narragansett Permits Narragansett to place on the ballot a $2,000,000 bond referendum for the costs associated with the clean-up and environmental remediation at the Rose Hill Regional landfill.
Burrillville Land Trust Makes changes relative to the operation of the Burrillville Land Trust.
Smithfield Land Trust Re-establishes the Smithfield Land Trust.
Hopkinton Land Trust Permits the Hopkinton Land Trust to accept donations of land intended for contribution rather than conservation purposes and to sell such land. Stipulates that the money raised from the sale of the property is to be used solely to finance the conservation activities of the Trust.
Warwick Sewer Authority Increases the maximum allowable penalty to be assessed by the Warwick Sewer Authority from $5,000 to $25,000 for violations of any rule or regulation prescribed by the Authority.
Warwick Sewer Authority Increases the authority of the Warwick Sewer Authority to fine violators of any of the Authority's rules or regulations relating to pre-treatment of waste by industrial users by increasing maximum penalties to $25,000 per day for each day of non-compliance.
H-5379 aa
Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds Establishes comprehensive standards for new recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds. Applies to government and privately owned/operated facilities.
Energy Facility Siting Act Requires the Energy Facility Siting Board to give priority to energy generation projects that utilize coal processed by "clean coal technologies."
Leasing State Owned Land in Galilee Permits the Director of DEM to lease all property in the Port of Galilee for a period of up to 40 years, including properties not related to the commercial fishing industry.
State Conservation Committee Allows the Director of DEM and conservation district directors to be represented by designees on the State Conservation Committee.
H-6484 Sub A
Taxation of Farm, Forest and Open Space Land Amends the definition of "open space land" for the purpose of taxation to include: 1) undeveloped land which serves to enhance agricultural values, conserve forests, or protect ecosystem health and is ten (10) total acres or larger: 2) or a tract of land of any size with conservation restrictions or easements.
S-1026 aa
Rhode Island Marine Development Corporation Establishes a non-profit entity to promote marine events in Rhode Island's waters.
RI Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Financial Responsibility Act Limits eligibility to draw upon the RI Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Fund.
Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) Expands the scope of town officials designated as "enforcing officers" relative to the regulation of underground storage tanks (USTs). Allows cities and towns to impose record-keeping requirements on fuel suppliers.
Aquaculture - Biosecurity Board Creates a Biosecurity Board within the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) to develop standards with respect to aquaculture diseases and management practices. (The Board includes a representative from DEM's Division of Fish and Wildlife and possibly the State Veterinarian.)
Narragansett Bay Oyster Restoration Act Grants DEM's Division of Agriculture the authority to solicit federal funds from the US Department of Agriculture, US Department of the Interior and US Department of Commerce for oyster restoration projects in Narragansett Bay. Calls upon DEM and CRMC to jointly develop programs that address the declining oyster population in Narragansett Bay.
Rocky Point Park - Open Space Requests the Governor and federal government to provide funding for the purchase of Rocky Point park (Warwick, RI) as open space.
S-0660 Sub A
Senate Commission on Pesticide Use in Schools Creates a special 15-member Senate Commission to study the use of pesticides in schools and integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. The Director of DEM (or a designee) shall serve as a commission member. The Commission shall present its findings to the Senate on or before February 5, 2003.
Dredging the Providence River and Channel Requests the US Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the Providence River channel and harbor to a depth of forty-feet.
Proclaims May 2001 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month Proclaims the month of May 2001 as "Lyme Disease Awareness Month" in Rhode Island.
Controlling Deer Populations and Lyme Disease Calls upon DOH and DEM to develop strategies and recommendations for controlling deer population and reducing lyme disease in Rhode Island. DOH and DEM shall present their findings and proposals to the Senate on or before January 15, 2002.
Finfish Depletion in Rhode Island Extends the reporting date of the special House Commission to study the rapid depletion of finfish in Rhode Island's coastal waters. The Commission shall report its findings to the House of Representatives on or before March 30, 2002.
House Commission on Animal Euthanasia - Alternatives to Carbon Monoxide Creates a special 15-member House Commission to study alternatives to animal euthanasia by carbon monoxide poisoning. The Commission shall report its finding to the House of Representatives on or before January 1, 2004. The Director of DEM (or a designee) and the State Veterinarian shall serve as members.
Brayton Point Power Plant Urges the Rhode Island Attorney General to initiate legal action against PG & E (Brayton Point Power Plant) for polluting Mount Hope Bay.
Brayton Point Power Plant Requests the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation to urge the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to investigate the polluting of Mount Hope Bay by PG&E's Brayton Point Power Plant.
Proclaims April 2001 as Earth Month Proclaims the month of April 2001 as "Earth Month" in Rhode Island.
Global Recycling Facility - Brownfields Requests the Congress of the United States to place the Global Recycling facility in the town of Coventry on the Brownfields Act cleanup list.
House Commission on Mosquitoes and Mosquito Borne Diseases Creates a special 9-member House Commission to review efforts in connection with detection, surveillance, control, treatment, management, and emerging technologies associated with mosquito borne diseases, including, but not limited to, West Nile Virus and EEE. The Director of DEM (or a designee) shall serve as a member. The Commission shall report its findings to the House of Representatives on or before February 1, 2002.
Innovative Mosquito Control Equipment Requests DEM to purchase fifty (50) new and innovative mosquito control devices and to loan such devices to Rhode Island's cities and towns for use at public events within each municipality.
Drilling in Georges Bank Requests President George Bush not to allow drilling in Georges Bank.
House Commission on Brownfields Creates a special 19-member House Commission to develop legislative recommendations to be introduced in the 2002 legislative session that would complement and strengthen the existing brownfields programs administered by EDC and DEM. The Director of DEM (or a designee) shall serve as a member. The Commission shall have its proposals and recommendations ready at the beginning of the 2002 legislative session.
Extending the Reporting Date of Special Commission on Aquaculture Commerce in RI Extends the reporting date of the special House Commission to develop a plan to promote, protect and stimulate aquaculture commerce in Rhode Island. The Commission shall report its findings to the House of Representatives on or before May 7, 2002.

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