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General Assembly's Website for the Text of House and Senate Bills
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State of Rhode Island
2003 Legislative Session
Proposed Environmental Bills

For additional information, contact Elizabeth Stone at 401-222-4700 ext. 2422.

Bill Number

Bill Description

Facilitate Solid Waste Management Pilot Projects
(2003 H-6042 & 2003 S-0413)
This proposal would amend § 23-18.9-8 of the Refuse Disposal Act to allow DEM to approve solid waste management pilot projects proposed by municipalities as a means of encouraging the development of safe, alternative waste management techniques in Rhode Island. Such pilot projects would serve to promote waste reduction and the safe and effective management of solid waste.

Without this amendment, municipalities proposing pilot projects would be required to submit a completed solid waste license application, which requires detailed review by DEM staff followed by a formal public hearing on the application. The application fee is $10,000 and the review process often takes between four (4) and six (6) months to complete.
Pollution Prevention Tax Credits
(2003 H-6134 & 2003 S-0764)
This proposal would: 1) make pollution prevention equipment eligible for a sales and use tax exemption; and 2) clarify the eligibility criteria for the sales and use tax exemption available to RI businesses in their efforts to control and prevent pollution and otherwise reduce environmental contaminants.
Protect DEM Regulatory Staff from Assault During Inspections and Investigations
(2003 H-6031 & 2003 S-0452)
This proposal would make it a felony to assault any DEM regulatory staff/personnel while engaged in the performance of his or her duty. Similar protections (RIGL § 11-5-5) already exist for state and municipal police officers, DEM conservation officers, RIPTA bus drivers and other officials.

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