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We love seafood in Rhode Island. It supports our economy, traditions, and families and its at the heart of our popular food scene. Our vibrant ‘foodie’ scene keeps us in the headlines – both locally and nationally. Our booming local food sector supports more than 60,000 jobs and continues to attract and inspire the imagination of food entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our fishing industry has been and continues to be, a vital part of Rhode Island's identity and food scene. Local favorites like the quahog "stuffie" as well as popular exports like scup are enjoyed by people here and around the world. Last year, more than 100 million pounds of seafood arrived at our ports - with an export value of $1 billion.

When you buy RI Seafood products, you know it’s truly local – landed right here in the Ocean State.

The RI Seafood brand uniquely identifies Rhode Island seafood in the marketplace. It is your guarantee that the seafood is fresh, local and landed in the Ocean State. You'll find RI Seafood products in grocery stores and restaurants and at festivals and farmers' markets. Ask for it where you dine or shop!

Seafood consumers who cherish the opportunity to access and enjoy the vast array of fish, shellfish, lobster, and crab products that come from Rhode Island are able to do so more easily, by simply looking for products that feature the RI Seafood logo.

The benefits are clear and exciting:
  • Better access to fresh
  • Fresh, local seafood for consumers
  • Increased demand for Rhode Island seafood products in the marketplace
  • A boost to the economic interests of Rhode Island's commercial fishing and seafood industries

The logo may be used, upon application to the RI Department of Environmental Management and receipt of a Letter of Authorization, to identify and promote seafood landed in Rhode Island by commercial fishermen, as well as seafood grown in Rhode Island waters by commercial farmers.

For more information, call the RI Department of Environmental Management at 401-222-2781 (Division of Agriculture) or 401-783-5551 (Galilee Port Office).

Additional Resources
  • Marketing Your Shellfish A Resource for RI Shellfish Harvesters & Growers from RI Sea Grant and Coastal Resources Center at URI Graduate School of Oceanography