Does your business sell RI seafood? Join the campaign!

RI Seafood Brand Logo We are kicking off a marketing campaign to increase sales and consumption of RI seafood in RI, and help achieve a more sustainable and secure local seafood system. If you sell RI seafood, you stand to benefit from this campaign! All you need to do is sign up, offer one or more RI seafood products to your customers, commit to accurate sourcing, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll raise awareness regarding RI seafood to stimulate demand, and we’ll promote the many opportunities to access RI seafood in RI, including your business! We’ll also provide promotional supplies and materials to help boost sales. We can also help connect you with RI seafood dealers and harvesters. It’s a win-win-win-win! For RI consumers, RI seafood sellers, RI seafood harvesters, and our local food system. Because RI seafood is such a great choice!

Participants in the program are expected – but not required -- to make one or more RI seafood products available to their customers. This can be on a regular or intermittent basis, depending on product availability, pricing, etc. The objective of the campaign is to steer RI seafood consumers to RI venues where RI seafood is likely to be available. We encourage consumers to call ahead to find out what’s available at any given time. Because RI seafood is so diverse, and because species availability often fluctuates throughout the year, it follows that the availability of RI seafood products at RI venues will also fluctuate. That’s a positive attribute – our hallmark is our diversity! – and we will be promoting that attribute via our campaign. Aligning flexible supply with flexible demand can be a successful business model. Offering RI seafood specials based on what’s fresh and available is a great way to go!

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