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Fresh seafood is one of the many perks of life in the Ocean State, and the people and businesses who fish, catch, farm, process, deliver, sell, cook, and serve it are an integral part of the state's economy. Every time you choose RI Seafood you're supporting thousands of Rhode Islanders.

The resources below can connect you with local seafood markets, fishermen, and lobstermen who are selling directly to the public. By buying local RI seafood, you are stimulating our state's economy, supporting local fishermen and aquaculture operations, and eating a delicious, healthy, and sustainable food source.

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Look for and ask for RI Seafood caught by commercial fishermen, as well as seafood grown in Rhode Island waters by commercial farmers.

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Get to know RI Fishers/Harvesters/Growers

Meet the People who harvest our waters and learn about the seafood industry. A new profile is added weekly. Check back to meet more local fishers, growers, and harvesters of RI Seafood!

Captain Rodman Sykes stands on his fishing vessel
Meet Captain Rodman Sykes

Captain Rodman has been fishing commercially for 52 years, starting in 1970 and then running his own boat, F/V Virginia Marise, in 1984. He comes from a third-generation fishing family and has fished for scup, squid, tuna, flounder, and most recently, skates which lobstermen use for bait. You can occasionally find Captain Rodman's catch at Champlin's in Narragansett. He has also provided the RI Food Bank with scup and other species. He regularly organizes a seafood dinner featuring local species from the local fishers to benefit the Pt. Judith Fishermen's scholarship fund. Captain Rodman has participated in research projects with the Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island and the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation. Captain Rodman says that despite the challenges in the industry he has experienced, he continues to find passion in his work and hopes to see the fishing industry to find continued success with the local fleet as the cooperative fleet continues to grow.

Matt Griffin drives his boat through an oyster growing area
Meet Aquaculturist Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin, operator of Saltbox Sea Farm in North Kingstown, has been in the oyster business for close to eighteen years. He is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. degree in Marine Biology and an M.Sc. degree in Biological and Environmental Science. Matt has worked with the RI DEM/NOAA North Cape Restoration Program and as a Fisheries Specialist with the RI DEM and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Today he operates Saltbox Sea Farm; a Rhode Island-based aquaculture farm focused on producing eastern oysters and providing consulting services in habitat restoration, fisheries science, and oceanography. He harvests oysters using both bottom and top gear and joins over 80 leases in the state of Rhode Island in producing oysters. His oysters are found both in the marketplace and in research studies integrating new shellfish culture technology with the local industry and serving as a technical advisor to the regional aquaculture community.

Nate Arruda stands on his boat holding a large tautog
Meet Nate Arruda

Nate Arrudais a fourth-generation fishermen who currently works full-time with the RI DEM as an Environmental Scientist and commercially fishes after work. He has been in the industry for close to 10 years and fishes for conch and fin fish like flounder, scup, black sea bass, and tautog and dives for quahogs. Nate practices sustainable fishing methods and uses bait that he catches for his other fisheries. Nate sells from the F/V Grasshopper docked at the commercial fishing wharf in Wickford Village. Besides direct sales, Nate’s catch is sold to wholesalers and can be found at Champlin's Seafood in Narragansett, as well as Town Dock and Narragansett Bay Lobster. He likes connecting consumers with fresh RI seafood and has had many friends and customers tell him how fresh and delicious seafood caught the same day tastes.

Captain Jay Swoboda stands dockside with fishing vessels behind him
Meet Captain Jay Swoboda

Captain Jay Swoboda has spent 53 years fishing in the water off Rhode Island’s coast. He has been fishing commercially since he first acquired his first lobster license at fifteen. Out of the docks in Narragansett, Jay brings in lobster, crabs, and black sea bass throughout the year. He participates in the commercial fisheries research program, started by fishers for fishers, and focuses on collaborative research while being funded by grants. He started participating in this research to give back to the fisheries that have supported him. Through this research, Jay tracks the temperature on the ocean bottom of 60 lobster and crab traps each month. After all these years, Jay says he does not fish for a profit but because he finds joy in his work. With his lobster permit, he is allowed 450 traps and lines containing 15 traps each. Jay and other fishers out of the Port of Galilee in Point Judith offer direct sales of their catch when available. Interesting in purchasing fresh RI seafood from Jay? Because plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, Jay uses compostable bags in his dockside sales. You can reach him through text ONLY at (401) 742-4351.

Azure Cygler stands on a boat holding a large swath of amber colored sugar kelp freshly harvested from Narragansett Bay
Meet Azure Cygler

Azure Cygler has been on the ocean her entire life, from surfing to commercial fishing in Alaska and American Samoa to working now as a researcher and outreach specialist at the University of RI. Since 2020, she has been operating Rhode Wild Sea Garden, which grows and harvests sugar kelp from Narragansett Bay. Planting occurs in October/November and harvest is typically over a few days in April/May. Sugar kelp is a native species to Rhode Island waters and is a healthy, sustainable food source. It’s nutrient-packed and is often added to salads and slaws, dried into spices, and processed into many products such as biofuel, livestock feed, and to create bioplastics. Azure is one of three kelp farmers in Rhode Island. She has taken part in New England Kelp Harvest Week and sells to both wholesalers as well as direct sales with home delivery. Throughout March and April, Azure offers pre-orders for home delivery every week. Check out Rhodywildseagardens.com for more information on sugar kelp.

Lobstermen stand in front of lobster traps at Pier 9 in Newport
Meet the Lobsterman from Pier 9 in Newport

The Newport Lobster Shack is a cooperative run and owned by the fishermen docked at Pier 9 in Newport, RI, and managed by Eileen Braman. The co-op's mission is to ensure a commercial fishing presence in Newport Harbor. There are 30 or so fishermen that fish off Aquidneck Island year-round catching lobster, crab, and conch. The 'Shack' was built back in 2010 and has expanded to offer both a live market and kitchen. The co-op exclusively sells lobsters that have been caught by local fisherman at Pier 9. Hours vary throughout the year and are subject to change based on available product and labor. Spring and Summer hours are generally Thursday through Sunday. Live Market hours are generally 10AM to 6PM and Kitchen hours are 11:30AM to 6PM. Check out their website for more information and updates!

Scott Christopher
Meet Scott Christopher of the F/V Nicholas C. out of Pt. Judith in Narragansett.

A lifelong Rhode Islander ⚓ who grew up close to the water, a career in fishing came naturally to him. Scott has been involved with commercial fishing since the age of 12, now having over 40 years of experience on the job. Scott has been involved in many fisheries over the years, most recently making the switch from lobstering to dragging 10 years ago. Among the many species that Scott brings to port are squid, whiting, and butterfish. He has made commercial fishing a family business and his son joins him out on the water to gain experience and one day take the helm. Scott enjoys being his own boss and the freedom to travel and surf that it affords. Scott fishes year-round and offloads his bounty at Handrigan’s Seafood and Fox Seafood.

Rich Lons
Meet Captain Richard Lonks, a 27-year-old Rhode Island native and quahogger out of Apponaug.

When available, Rich also fishes for striped bass. His original focus was culinary school and cooking, but in 2018 he switched to commercial fishing, and in 2019 bought his own boat. Rich started on a student quahog license and worked his way up to a commercial permit. He is among the few younger fishers who have found their way into the industry. He says the work keeps him grounded and his favorite days on the water are those where the snow is falling and he feels closest to nature. Rich is now part of the Shellfishermen’s association and fishes year round. You can shop for his quahogs at Twin Shellfish in Warwick.


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