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We love seafood in Rhode Island. It supports our economy, traditions, and families and its at the heart of our popular food scene. Our vibrant ‘foodie’ scene keeps us in the headlines – both locally and nationally. Our booming local food sector supports more than thousands of jobs and continues to attract and inspire the imagination of food entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our fishing industry has been and continues to be, a vital part of Rhode Island's identity and food scene. Local favorites like the quahog "stuffie" as well as popular exports like calamari and scup are enjoyed by people here and around the world.

When you buy RI Seafood products, you know it’s truly local – landed right here in the Ocean State.

A wide range of seafood is landed in Rhode Island. Take a look at catch and landing information from last week.


Here in the Ocean State, we love our seafood. This species guide will help sort out the wide range of seafood landed in Rhode Island so you know what it looks like, when it’s around, and how it tastes!



Download our beautifully illustrated harvest calendar of the harvest seasons for fifteen of our major species. And since we have far more many seafood species in our waters than could ever be crammed on the calendar, we also have a more comprehensive harvest chart:

Rhode Island Species Chart


RI Seafood FAQs

+ What is Rhode Island seafood?

Rhode Island seafood is defined as all seafood (marine species) landed in Rhode Island and grown in Rhode Island waters

+ What Rhode Island seafood is available?

Rhode Island seafood is abundant, diverse, and readily available. Annual total landings approach 100 million pounds. That total includes dozens of species – many types of finfish, such as summer flounder and black sea bass; many types of shellfish, such as quahogs, oysters, and scallops; lobsters, crabs, squid, and much more. View weekly updates on what’s landed in Rhode Island. Find monthly projections of what is likely to be available.

+ Where can I get Rhode Island seafood?

From any licensed seafood retailer in RI. that offers RI seafood for sale. See our RI Seafood Finder for venues and locations throughout the state.

+ Why is Rhode Island seafood such a great choice?
  • It’s the highest quality seafood available in RI
  • It’s fresh, healthy and delicious
  • It’s diverse, offering many choices
  • It’s readily available year-round
  • It’s generally affordable
  • It comes from well-managed, sustainable fisheries
  • It supports our hard-working local fishermen and shellfish farmers
  • It supports a strong, sustainable and resilient local food system
  • It serves as an engine for our local economy
  • RI seafood sold in RI has a low carbon footprint and is thus climate-friendly
+ What is the Rhode Island seafood brand?

The brand – trademarked and backed by regulation – is the flagship for RI seafood and the marketing campaign. It is used to promote RI seafood and distinguish it in the marketplace. It is available for use by all sellers of RI seafood. Learn more here.