Learn About Rhode Island Seafood


Fishing BoatIt's no accident that we're known as The Ocean State. Owing to our peculiar combination of geography and climate we live smack in the middle of some of the richest waters on the East Coast. Some of our most popular seafood species, such as quahogs and squid, are readily available all year round. However, many others, for a host of reasons, are only present or harvested in our waters for part of the year, and some of those are only in peak season for a relatively short time.

While this may at first seem inconvenient when you wake up one January morning with a hankerin' for a fresh grilled tuna steak, perhaps it would pay to consider that at the same time, black sea bass are in the middle of their short season. Get it while you can, at its freshest and best!

Squid Dish"But how," you ask, "do I know what's in season? How do I know what is at its freshest and best? I don't know a tautog from a quahog! How am I supposed to know what the boats are bringing in today?"

Well, you're in luck! Please download our beautifully illustrated harvest calendar. Not only will it show you the harvest seasons for fifteen of our major species, it's also a standalone piece of fine art, suitable for framing and hanging on your kitchen wall!

Lobster DishAnd since we have far more many seafood species in our waters than could ever be crammed on the calendar, we also have a more comprehensive harvest chart! As an added bonus, it looks great in minimalist and industrial deco kitchens.

Get fresh! Buy local! And in season!

Quahog Week
Quahog Week is March 20-25, 2017. Click here for more.