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Citizen's Guides/Recycling

RI Annual Recycling Report (Online Report)

Electronic Waste
US EPA Cell Phone Recycling Program

Appliance and Electronics Recycling Guide

Recycling Survey FAQs/Cover Letter

Commercial Recycling Regulations

Commonly Caught Fish and Shellfish -
a multi-language brochure

Flourescent Bulb Brochure

Home Depot CFL Bulb Recycling Page

Exterior Lead Paint Removal Certification Program

Advice for Animal Owners Facing a Disaster, Such as a Severe Storm or Emergency Evacuation

Providence River and Harbor Dredging Project

File Reviews

RI Litter Task Force

Pay as You Throw Program

DOT Bike Path Comment Webpage

Used Oil Recycling

Used Oil, Mercury Containing Lamp Recycling Vendors, Rechargeable Battery and Thermostat Recyclers

Mercury in Common Household Products

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Why Should You Care About Preventing Waste?

Preventing Boat Engine Pollution

Marine Pumpouts

Citizens Guide to the Farm, Forest and Open Space Act
Links to Other Sites

Household Hazardous Wastes

Home Garden Composting

Asbestos in Vermiculite

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