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Laws and Regulations

Brochures, Fact Sheets and Reports

Dental Amalgam

Mercury in Fish

NEG/ECP Mercury Documents

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RI Auto Mercury Collection Law
(as of July 2006)

Laws and Regulations
New Mercury Regulations (8/1/07)
Response to Comments re: New Mercury Regulations (July 2007)
RI Mercury Reduction and Education Act
Mercury Reduction Regulations (May 2004)
Mercury Reduction Regulations (December 2005)
Response to Comments re: Draft Mercury Regulations (April 2004)
Response to Comments re: Draft Mercury Regulations (December 2005)
Mercury-Containing Thermostats
Mercury Thermostat Collection Targets 2015 - 2020 (and response to comments)
Fluorescent Bulb Information
2014 RI CFL Bulb Collection Program
Flourescent Bulb Brochure
Mercury Containing Lamp Recyclers
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) and Mercury
Mercury-Containing Product recyclers 2013
Information on Proper Disposal of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs FAQs (CFLs)
Home Depot CFL Bulb Recycling Page
Homeowner Recycling Kits
Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
What If I Break a Compact Fluorescent Lamp
EPA Cleanup Guidance and Additional Mercury Information
Brochures, Fact Sheets and Reports
Household Hazardous Waste in Rhode Island
Consumer Products That May Contain Mercury
Northeast Regional Mercury TMDL Study (approved 12/20/07))
Mercury in Common Household Products Fact Sheet
Mercury Thermometers Information
Productos de Consumo Acreditados en Contener Mercurio y Sus Alternativas (en Español)
Universal Waste Rule Requirements Fact Sheet
Used Oil, Mercury Containing Lamp Recycling Vendors, Rechargeable Battery and Thermostat Recyclers
Automotive Mercury Switch Removal and Replacement/Labeling
RI Mercury Commission Sub-Group on Mercury in Auto Parts - Final Report (March 2005)
RI Mercury Commission Final Report (April 2005)
An Investigation of Alternatives to Mercury Containing Products (January 2003)
Mercury Spills, Disposal and Clean-up
Mercury in Dental Amalgam
DEM Dental Amalgam Mercury Recycling Certification Form
Dental Amalgam Containing Mercury Waste Recycling Annual Report Form
New RI Dental Amalgam Separator Requirement
NBC's Best Management Practices for Dentists
American Dental Association Best Management Practices
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission Web Site on Dental Mercury
Zero Mercury Campaign 2005 Dental Mercury Report Card
Mercury in Fish
Final Fish Ingestion Report (March 2006)
RI DOH Mercury in Fish Advisory
EPA Fish Consumption Advisories
Assessment of Consumer Awareness About Mercury in Fish Rhode Island - 2005
NEG/ECP Mercury Documents
1997 Mercury Resolution
1998 Mercury Action Plan
2003 Report to the NEG/ECP on the Mercury Project
Other Mercury Links
NEWMOA Mercury Program
Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse
Mercury in Schools
US EPA's Mercury Information Index Page
State of Maine Mercury Information Index Page
State of Vermont Mercury Information Index Page

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