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The Process


Regulations: Purpose and Scope

200.01 The purpose of these Regulations, in accordance with Chapter 12.9 of Title 46 of the Rhode Island General Laws, is as follows:

a) to facilitate the clean-up and remediation of releases from certain leaking UST’s or UST Systems, in order to protect the environment, including drinking water supplies and public health.

b) to provide reimbursement to responsible parties for the eligible costs, incurred by them as a result of the release of petroleum from certain UST’s or UST Systems.

c) These regulations will also provide for a means of notifying all eligible parties of the functioning of the fund; provide criteria for eligible costs, expenses and other obligations; identify the record keeping required of eligible parties for submission to and reimbursement from the fund; provide criteria for a complete claim, and provide procedures for approving, modifying or denying claims.

200.02 To provide for the submission of claims to the Review Board for reimbursement from the Fund and the disbursement of monies from the Fund.

200.03 Claims for the reimbursement of eligible costs, arising from a cost incurred on or after the effective date of these regulations, shall be submitted in accordance with these regulations. However, claims for reimbursement of eligible costs incurred on or after January 1, 1994 for single station/operators and July 8, 1994 for multi-station owner/operators and before the effective date of these Regulations shall be submitted pursuant to Part 1400.

200.04 The Regulations shall be construed to be consistent with Chapter 12.9 of Title 46 of the Rhode Island General Laws wherein said Chapter has established guidelines for reimbursement from the Fund. Any variance between these Regulations and said Chapter shall be controlled by said Chapter.

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