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The Process


Regulations: Reimbursement Procedures

900.01 Recommendation for Reimbursement - Upon receipt of a request for reimbursement, the Review Board shall request that staff or its designee issue a recommendation for reimbursement of eligible costs. The Review Board may order technical and/or financial audits as deemed necessary by the Review Board.

900.02 Reimbursement - Within ninety (90) days following the receipt of a complete request for reimbursement, the Review Board shall consider the recommendation issued by staff and determine the amount of reimbursement due the Claimant, if any, and request that the General Treasurer disburse said amount from the Fund in the manner as prescribed by the Review Board.

900.03 The Review Board shall issue its decision on forms developed by or on behalf of the Review Board. Said forms shall separately list the eligible costs to be reimbursed from the Fund and/or those costs, expenses and other obligation denied reimbursement.

900.04 Priority - The Review Board shall consider requests for reimbursement from the Fund in the order received and shall authorize disbursements accordingly, except in cases where the Board has accepted a staff and/or Department recommendation that a particular situation represents an environmental priority or where the Review Board, in its discretion, determines that a particular situation warrants priority.

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