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DEM Rabies Fact Sheet

RI DOH Rabies Information

Who to Call When a Potential Rabies Exposure Occurs

Local Town or City Animal Control Officer (or Local Police if No ACO) All reports of bite wounds, contacts and exposures to both humans and domestic animals by wildlife or domestic animals suspected of having Rabies must be immediately reported to the local ACO. Animal Control must investigate all cases involving domestic animals. Cases that involve only suspect wildlife are referred to Fish and Wildlife or DEM Enforcement. Please refer to this list for phone numbers, or contact your local police department.
Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) 8:30 to 4:00 weekdays:

Other Hours:
For questions or reports concerning any human exposure to any potentially rabid animal. Any human contact or exposure to wildlife vector species or any human exposure to suspect domestic animals. All human bite wounds must be reported immediately to RIDOH.
RI DEM Division of Fish and Wildlife 8:30 to 4:00 weekdays:
789-0281 or 789-7481
For general information and questions concerning wildlife vector species. Questions concerning wildlife that is acting unusual or has the potential for contact with humans or domestic animals. Wildlife that has bitten or exposed humans or domestic animals should be reported immediately to the RIDOH and Animal Control.
RI DEM Division of Agriculture/
State Public Health Veterinarian

Peter Belinsky VMD &
Scott Marshall DVM
8:30 to 4:00 weekdays:

Other Hours: 222-3070
(DEM Enforcement)
For general information and questions concerning domestic pets and livestock. Domestic animals that bite humans must be reported immediately to Animal Control and the RIDOH. Domestic animals that are exposed to or bitten by wildlife vector species or other animals must also be reported immediately to Animal Control. Local veterinarians can provide services and answers for most questions concerning domestic animals. The State Veterinarian will assist in livestock investigations and testing.
RI DEM Division of Law Enforcement 24 hours:
For emergency information concerning wildlife that is injured, trapped or demonstrating unusual behavior. Wildlife that has bitten or potentially exposed humans or other animals must be reported immediately as outlined above. Enforcement officers may capture and submit wildlife that is considered a risk of exposure of Rabies to humans and domestic animals, and may assist the other state agencies or Animal Control Officers when available.

For General Information 222-6800 • After Hours Emergencies 222-3070 • Disclaimer
rev. 4/4/16