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Waste Management (401) 222-2797
Ali, Walid
Sr. Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7512
Arruda, Nathan
Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7511
Bailey, Kirsten
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7020
Blauvelt, Ashley
Sr. Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7026
Brunelli, Alyson
Commercial Recycling Coordinator
222-2797 ext. 7134
Cappelli, Stephanie
Sanitary Engineer, Site Remediation
222-2797 ext. 2030
Cote, Michael
Principal Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7118
Crawford, Jeffrey
Principal Env. Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7102
Cunningham, Joseph
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7137
DaSilva, Filomena
Office Manager
222-2797 ext. 7126
Dennen, Mark
Supervising Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7112
Destefano, Matthew
Deputy Chief
222-2797 ext. 7141
Forbes, Emma
Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7163
Gerundio, Leslie
Eng. Tech III
222-2797 ext. 7524
Gillen, Kevin
Assoc. Super. Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7116
Gottlieb, Richard
Principal Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7138
Hellested, Leo
222-2797 ext. 7502
Hook, Andrew
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7144
Jablonski, Gary
Principal Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7148
Kulpa, Paul
Sr. Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7111
Li, Yan
Principal Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7529
Lowry, Shawn
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7142
Martella, Joseph
Sr. Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7109
McKenzie, Kasandra
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7177
Noons, Nick
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7517
Owens, Kelly
Assoc. Super. Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7108
Pouliot, Holleigh
222-2797 ext. 7123
Sarsfield, Kathryn
Environmental Scientist, NPL/Superfund Sites
222-2797 ext. 7053
Schmidt, Robert
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7260
Simpson, Rachel
Environmental Scientist
222-2797 ext. 7105
Taylor, Raymond
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7705
Vogel III, Frank
Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7522
Yekhtikian, Gregory
Sr. Sanitary Engineer
222-2797 ext. 7521
Zemba, Lillian
Environmental Scientist, UST
222-2797 ext. 4317