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Farm Energy Program

As part of its continued efforts to grow Rhode Island's green economy, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has announced $600,000 will be available to help local farmers "green" their operations and benefit from the related energy and cost savings. The new Rhode Island Farm Energy Program supports energy efficiency projects as well as helps farmers transition to renewable power.

In R.I., green energy grants help small farms stay in the black

Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal

Environmental and commercial sustainability is a challenge for Rhode Island farmers. State energy grants help them keep growing. Read more....

The first grant round opened in fall of 2016. DEM - in partnership with the Rhode Island Resource Conservation & Development Area Council, the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, and others - has held several successful public workshops to review this new program, as well as other energy programs available to Rhode Island farmers.

The following projects have been awarded funding:

    Fourth Round (Spring 2018)
  • Legend's Creek Farm, Foster - $19,634
  • Skinny Dip Farm,Little Compton - $15,000
  • Richard Leveque, Smithfield - $20,000
  • Fourth round press release with full details

    Third Round (Fall 2017)
  • Bedrock Tree Farm, Wakefield - $20,000
  • Carpenter's Farm, Wakefield - $20,000
  • Cottrell Homestead, West Kingston - $20,000
  • Little Grange Farm, Little Compton - $20,000
  • Pat's Pastured, East Greenwich - $20,000
  • Stoney Acres Farm, Wakefield - $20,000
  • Third round press release with full details

    Second Round (Spring 2017)
  • Barden Family Orchard, North Scituate - $17,000
  • Earth Care Farm, Charlestown - $20,000
  • Goodwin Brothers Farm, North Smithfield - $15,000
  • Grandin Landscapes and Supply, South Kingstown - $8,000
  • Planeview Farm, West Kingston - $8,120
  • Seven Cedars Farm, Smithfield - $6,635
  • The Good Earth Organic Gardening Center, Hope - $15,000
  • Second round press release with full details

    First Round (Fall 2016)
  • Harmony Hills Farm, Glocester - $19,047
  • Red Planet Vegetable Farm, Johnston - $14,930
  • Pat's Pastured, East Greenwich - $18,268
  • First round press release with full details

Funding for the new Rhode Island Farm Energy Program is made possible through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Grants of up to $20,000 will continue to be available. For more information, contact the Division of Agriculture at (401) 222-2781 or the RC&D Office at (401) 500-0399, or email