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RIPDES Electronic Reporting


EPA has published the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Electronic Reporting Rule, which will modernize Clean Water Act (CWA) reporting for municipalities, industries and other facilities. EPA signed the rule on September 24, 2015 and it was published in the Federal Register on October 22, 2015. The rule replaces most paper-based NPDES reporting requirements with electronic reporting.

Specifically, the rule requires regulated entities to report information electronically, instead of filing written paper reports. These reports include:

  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Notices of Intent to discharge in compliance with a general permit
  • Other specified program reports

Data reported electronically will be made available to the public via the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) system. ECHO enables public searches for facilities in local communities to assess their compliance with environmental regulations. It can also help investigate pollution sources, examine and create enforcement-related maps, or explore states' performance.


How E-Reporting Works

Submit My DMRs

All electronic submissions require a CDX account. DMRs are submitted through the NetDMR-RI program service, while certain Program Reports, NOIs, NECs, NDCs and NOTs will be submitted through the NeT program services

Step 1. Log In or Create Account

Create a CDX Account, add the NetDMR-RI program service in the CDX portal, and complete identity proofing

Create a new CDX Account for NETDMR Access
Add NetDMR to an existing CDX Account

Step 2. Request Access

Request Access to your permit in the NetDMR-RI program service and send in your completed Subscriber Agreement (SA) to the DEM for approval. Individuals are approved in accordance with 250 RICR 150-10-1.12 and 40 CFR 122.22.

Step-by-step Fact Sheet

Mail your completed Subscriber Agreement (SA) to:
Attn: Crystal Charbonneau
RIDEM - RIPDES Permitting Program
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908

Step 3. Submit
FAQs: Troubleshooting Tips for NetDMR

Submit or revise a Notice of Intent (NOI), No Exposure Certificate (NEC), No Discharge Certificate (NDC) or Notice of Termination (NOT)

Do you need a permit? Review our RIPDES page or contact us at 401-222-4700 for more information.

All electronic submissions require a CDX account. DMRs are submitted through the NetDMR-RI program service, while NOIs, NECs, NDCs and NOTs will be submitted through the NeT program service.

Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)
Remediation General Permit (RGP)

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Stormwater Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4

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Non-Contact Cooling Water Permit (NCCW)

Coming Soon!


Submit My Annual Report

All electronic submissions require a CDX account. Currently, Annual Reports required under the MSGP must be submitted through the NeTMSGP program service.

Submit an Annual Report
Submit an SSO Report
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!




Rev. 6/11/21